Month: February 2021


Joe Biden - What, Me Worry?

Posted 02/19/2021 in Political,

By: Hal Morris February 19, 2021 As a presidential candidate, I thought that Joe Biden made many stupid comments and promises during his campaign. I attributed his promises to just plain natural MAD magazine stupidity, but now after his election and tirade of executive orders, as the saying goes, "He's not naturally stupid he has to really work hard at it." What else can explain his strong ...

Here we go again

Posted 02/18/2021 in Opinions,

Here we go again. "Ban the guns and magazines". Deaths at the hands of deranged shooters is tragic. The media is quick to shape the narrative. Lately they have been wrong right up front. White Supremisist, Asian Predjudice hate crimes, all lies, all wrong

Thirty people were shot in Chicago last week, but no media narrative. Most if not all were "low capacity handguns" Deadly none the less...


The Catcher in the Swamp

Posted 02/10/2021 in Political,

We will struggle with the January 6th tragedy for a generation. I have much more to say about this election and the events leading up to the inauguration , but for now I will borrow from this writer. I also suspect that criminal charges may well follow the impeachment trial. My greatest wish is that a real investigation into the election fraud is commissioned__although this is as doubtful as ...

It Was a Coup!

Posted 02/09/2021 in International,

- By Shari Goodman

February 9th, 2021

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." (John Adams)

The defeat of Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945 led to the rise of America’s superpower status and its superior military force.

Thereafter, our enemies understood that defeating America by military ...

Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

Schumer and Pelosi

Posted 02/08/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

I cannot even begin to say how I feel about these two people. They are ruining our Country. Insurrection? What do you call acts that destroy the fabric of a Nation and crush the futures of all citizens along with the young and unborn. Their sinister leadership is poisoning the well of prosperity and hope. How can they really think that what they are doing is good for the American people?



Posted 02/07/2021 in Satire,

- By E. P. Unum February 7th, 2021 The date was November 7, 1983 some 37 years ago, remember? On that date, the May 19 Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the Senate Chamber in an attempt to kill Republicans. Susan Rosenberg was arrested for this and was imprisoned until President Clinton pardoned her at the end of his term. Ms. Rosenberg now serves as an administrator and fundraiser ...

Are We Really All In This Together?

Posted 02/06/2021 in International,

- By Ed Casebier,

February 6th, 2021

Where teachers’ unions rule, kids are being homeschooled, or not being schooled at all. A parent has to either stay home and forgo their paycheck and lose their job, or keep their job and spend their paychecks for someone to care for their children and with their taxes, for a teacher to not teach their children. The teachers don't care; they're...


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