Are We Really All In This Together?

– By Ed Casebier,

February 6th, 2021

Where teachers’ unions rule, kids are being homeschooled, or not being schooled at all. A parent has to either stay home and forgo their paycheck and lose their job, or keep their job and spend their paychecks for someone to care for their children and with their taxes, for a teacher to not teach their children. The teachers don’t care; they’re all getting paid whether they work or not. They say they’re not paid to be martyrs, but they’re happy to go shopping at Walmart where people expose themselves and contract the virus so teachers can stay home and still buy their everyday staples.

Our Greatest Generation lost about 420,000 military and civilian casualties in WWII.  AS of today, 2-5-21, we’ve lost 450,000 to the China virus. Politicians say we’re all together in this war against COVID-19 but unionized teachers who won’t work aren’t participating. Those organized soldiers are AWOL, in this case, it’s Absent Without Official Leave from the unions and Democrat-controlled school boards of education and state, local and federal governments.

This is what China, our Biden (Obama 3.0) administration, and all bloated government bureaucracies want – people to suffer and be fearful and dependent, for the American free economic system to fail so we have an ever-growing dependence on a paternalistic government.

It assures the always-paid bureaucracy can expand and grow more powerful, to perpetuate themselves in office, to make all the decisions of what’s good for us and what’s not, and ultimately to cause our citizens to turn to socialism and/or communism. The government paid hierarchy/bureaucracy gets more powerful and wealthy as the citizens get poorer and less free.

Liberties are lost and governments become so fat and oppressive that they must use police/military powers to protect themselves, which it will do until it can no longer pay the police/military. It then prints money to pay the bureaucracy and police until the currency is worthless and a revolution is born or reborn. It’s a historical cycle that has repeated itself for centuries from Chang’an to Berlin to Budapest to Belgrade to Caracas. And will again here if we let it.

China is gleeful that Americans are paid but not working, that children are not being educated, that we have open borders for millions of poor illegal immigrants to rob jobs from our citizens already in the midst of high employment wrought by China’s virus, that its virus has brought down its strongest economic foe.

Do private industry’s unions like this? Not really. Their memberships can’t expand and their existing members can’t get promotions or raises when an abundance of cheap illegal labor keeps wages down and unemployment high. Do public school unions like it? Of course. By law those millions of illegal immigrant children have to be educated the same as our citizens’ children, guaranteeing public school jobs and more union members, fatter union salaries, and more money to pay off politicians with political donations, $43 million in 2020.

Meanwhile public education quality gets crushed. Tax-funded public education of children of poor non-tax-paying illegal immigrant parents is not a workable equation. California used to have the best school system in the country. Now it’s the worst while union paid politicians prohibit school choice, thereby perpetuating the failure wrought by open borders and teachers’ unions.

Our Federal Reserve has printed $trillions that have no backing, thereby diluting the value of our currency.  Our national debt has ballooned to a heretofore unfathomable size supported by government bonds paying near-zero interest rates. What happens when interest rates ultimately rise and ballooning interest payments on those bonds further sap the Treasury of its tax revenues, and more debt is issued to pay for the current and ever-growing unfunded government spending?

Left unchecked, a debt spiral will result in the collapse of our economy. Public services will be impossible without money from the treasury to fund them, so money will be printed until it’s as worthless as the Venezuelan bolivar. With that, we have just what China wants, a collapse of our economy, the government, and anarchy.

The Democrats have already made the Capital an armed camp to protect our government from their fear of a “second attempted coup by Trump followers” and are using all the government’s police power to ferret out any perceived “enemies within”, including un-subpoenaed nationwide snooping of personal bank accounts by the FBI.

Simultaneously a Democrat/liberal coup is in progress utilizing riots in Democrat-controlled cities to keep citizens in a constant state of fear, to employing medically unsupported coronavirus lockdowns, to stuffing ballots into unauthorized voting drop boxes in Democrat-controlled neighborhoods, to using their congressional majority to create new Democrat-controlled states, to enlarge the Supreme Court with Biden nominated leftist judges, to open wide our national borders, to give children and noncitizens the right to vote, and to do anything else they can employ to permanently create a single-party majority in Congress and the Courts in their march toward socialism.

It’s not an overt coup attempt by a few hundred rioters wielding clubs and pepper gas to break into the U.S. Capital Building. It’s a coup of a “thousand cuts” to a blind electorate, who would be happy just to be left alone, by the Democrats and their media supporters. 

Today there are about the same number of US troops stationed in Washington D.C. as in Germany, slightly more than in South Korea, and 6 times as many as there are in Afghanistan and Iraq combined, all to protect our government from those “white nationalists, right wing conspirators, the KKK, domestic terrorists” and all the other boogeymen “enemies within” that Democrats can exaggerate or dream up.

Doesn’t all this tell us something meaningful and dangerous is occurring?


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