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Fake Meat Was Supposed to Save the World. It Became Just Another Fad

Posted 01/20/2023 in Miscellaneous,


The Big Take

Fake Meat Was Supposed to Save the World. It Became Just Another Fad

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods wanted to upend the world’s $1 trillion meat industry. But plant-based meat is turning out to be a flop.


Businessman Ron Autrey to JU 2012 grads: Never stop learning

Posted 07/29/2021 in Authentic Autrey, Miscellaneous,

As with technology, education never stops. If you let either pass you by, you will be passed by.

That was the core of Jacksonville businessman Ronald A. Autrey’s technology-centric keynote address at Jacksonville University’s Fall Commencement on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012

“Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them,” Autrey said, quoting Albert...

First Coast Success: Ron Autrey, Miller Electric Co.

Posted 07/29/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Ron Autrey is president and CEO of Jacksonville-based Miller Electric Co., and will step into the role of chairman on Oct. 1, 2012.

He will succeed his father, Buck Autrey.

David Long becomes president and Henry Brown will be CEO. Both are senior vice presidents.

Miller Electric was founded in 1928 by Henry G. Miller and has grown from a small local electrical company into one...

More Things That Matter

Posted 07/22/2021 in Miscellaneous,

By E. P. Unum July 22, 2021 The following are some of the issues that trouble and concern me and, in my opinion, ought to concern all of us: Isn’t it curious that people who are truly oppressed by socialist/ communist and Marxist governments in Venezuela and Cuba are waving the American flag in their quest for freedom? I noticed that the U.S. Women’s soccer team, ranked #1 in...

Just Some Things I Think About

Posted 06/30/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Our Great Country is in a state of siege by ignorant leftist anarchist. Their policies and actions are destroying America as we knew it. Their narrative is built to say that these actions are for the best. Somehow complete equity among the people is the utopian dream for the Democratic Party. From now forward, the hospital floor sweepers will be no less compensated than the physicians in the ...

Long-Range Strategic Planning and The Green Movement

Posted 06/06/2021 in Miscellaneous,

I urge you to take the time to read this analysis. You will be more informed by the effort. Ron Autrey LONG-RANGE STRATEGIC PLANNING AND THE GREEN MOVEMENT By: Marvin L. Covault, Lt. Gen. US Army, retired June 6, 2021 The ability to conduct long-range strategic planning is a critical component for the success of any large organization. The US government is a large, very large, ...

Life Finds a Way

Posted 05/09/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Life Finds a Way By: Judd Garrett Objectivity is the Objective May 9, 2021 “The kind of control you're attempting here is… it's not possible,” Dr. Malcom told billionaire John Hammond in the movie, Jurassic Park, when it was explained that all the dinosaurs on the island were female, because “there is no unauthorized breeding in Jurassic Park.” Dr. Malcom argued that, “life will...

Self-inflicted Unequal Educational Outcomes

Posted 05/07/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Tighten up your Sensitivity Control and Wokeness Alarm. Read these blatant statistics with concern and not disdain. Let the truth slap you in the face ! If you find something offensive, or a number you do not agree with, then research it, and present it to me. I'll gladly consider your dispute. If you are quantifiably correct, I will happily publish your findings along with own ...

Just a Little Perspective

Posted 04/27/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Once Again Mr. Unum is right over the target! Enjoy this one ! Ron Autrey Autrey Research JUST A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE By E. P. Unum April 27, 2021 History helps us keep things in perspective. For example, imagine you were born in 1900, the beginning of a new century. On your 14th birthday, World War I starts and ends on your 18th birthday. Twenty-two million people perish in ...

Systemic Racism Not in America

Posted 04/21/2021 in Miscellaneous,

I'm sharing more solid good sense in this brief article. We must tell the story. CNN will not. Fox is countered at every turn by systemic cancel culture. We the People must be the Voice of America!!! Ron Autrey Systemic Racism Not in America By: Kathleen Brush, Ph.D. April 21 ,2021 People familiar with America’s legal system are on solid ground saying this system is not ...


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