More Things That Matter

By E. P. Unum

July 22, 2021

The following are some of the issues that trouble and concern me and, in my opinion, ought to concern all of us:

  1. Isn’t it curious that people who are truly oppressed by socialist/ communist and Marxist governments in Venezuela and Cuba are waving the American flag in their quest for freedom?
  1. I noticed that the U.S. Women’s soccer team, ranked #1 in the world, and their opponent Sweden took a knee at the start of their match “in protest over world racism”. Someone should remind these young girls that racism has no place in the Olympic Games. Jesse Owens taught us that 80 plus years ago in Munich, Germany.
  1. Here is a message for General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and retired General Lloyd Austin, now Secretary of Defense: Forcing officers and enlisted personnel to focus on Critical Race Theory is hugely counterproductive to the mission of the U.S. Military. They know this, and they also know that highlighting the color of one’s skin in the ranks is a blueprint for disaster. The last thing you want in combat is a soldier thinking whether or not he or she will fight alongside someone whose skin color differs from his or her’s. Do you really think China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea are teaching this to their militaries?
  1. In Macroeconomics 101, I learned that “too many dollars chasing too few goods” is the very definition of inflation. I also learned that in periods of recession, fiscal and monetary policy demands the government relax constraints on the money supply and “pump” more money into circulation by purchasing bondsin the open market. Conversely, in periods when inflation raises its ugly head, the opposite strategy comes into play… the government increases its control over the money supply and available credit and sells bonds in the open market to take money out of circulation. Why then is the Biden Administration ignoring these time-tested principles and planning on spending trillions of dollars when our economy is growing substantially? I just heard Biden speak about the “pressing need” to approve his infrastructure plan. His idea: ‘we need to spend more money to allow government to move on projects that will drive down prices not increase them” Such a policy has not worked in the history of mankind and it will not work this time either.
  1. Nothing the Biden Administration has done since January 20th 2021 makes economic sense to me. Nothing! In fact, every action taken has adversely impacted America and strengthened our adversaries. And, don’t believe CNN, MSNBC, and the NY Times who continually say that we have finally rebuilt relationships with our allies. Our allies and adversaries alike are laughing at us because nothing we do makes any sense. Example: Biden facilitated the Russian NorthStar II Pipeline into Germany, throwing an economic windfall and lifeline to Russia, who will now be able to supply oil to Europe, but he terminated the Keystone XL Pipeline here in the U.S. essentially killing U.S. Energy Independence and making us dependent once again on Middle Eastern Oil! Gas at the pump in California is now on average $4.26 per gallon and heading higher.
  1. Why is it necessary for the U.S. Department of Education to push teaching our kids in elementary and high school Critical Race Theory? Are you comfortable with this? Do you want your child to believe that being white means he or she is an oppressor and being black means he or she is oppressed? Do you feel comfortable in having your children or grandchildren taught that America is a racist nation?
  1. President Biden speaks to us about the importance of getting vaccinated and “doing our patriotic duty” to beat Covid-19. But his administration continues to ignore the massive crisis and invasion of over 1.0 million illegal aliens into our nation. Indeed, his administration has been clandestinely facilitating the transportation of these illegal aliens to cities and towns inside America without Covid-19 testing. The health problems this will cause our society are too onerous to contemplate. I may be too harsh, but this seems to be really irresponsible and contemptible.
  1. Where is John Durham? Will we ever hear from him?
  1. Where is Vice President Kamala Harris? I haven’t seen or heard from her since she was whisked away to Bethesda Hospital on Sunday after having joined the democrats who feed Texas to avoid having to vote for dinner with them. Six of these “brave democrats” came down with Covid-19. Can you spell irresponsible?
  1. Meanwhile in our cities across our nation, crime continues to rise unabated. In St Louis, a killer was set free when the prosecuting attorney failed to show up at trial. I watched with alarm and concern, young men leaving stores carrying various items they had stolen from the store. They were boldly walking out the door and no one stopped them. Chicago is a war zone. New York is not much better. Crime is out of control. People are being killed on our streets. Senior citizens assaulted. Rapes are rising and thefts are through the roof. The explanation for all of this is no mystery. The cry of “defund the police” is clearly interpreted by criminals as “it’s open season on crime”.
  1. I have had enough! Basta, in Italian. How about you?


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