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Word Songs

Posted 05/10/2022 in Authentic Autrey,

Soft flowing words that rhyme

Bring battle to my darkest thoughts.

They flow and ebb in poetic verse,

Spread light and peace of mind.

The rhythm dances in my head

Like music in my ears.

While from my seat I travel,

Across both land and time,

My storied life is safe from harm,

And all good thoughts are mine.

Ron Autrey



A Message to the Woke Generation

Posted 10/25/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

The Duped Generation

By: Cheval

October 25, 2021

This article is intended to directly address the generation and those who consider themselves “woke.”

Your generation is not the “woke” generation. Yours is the “duped” generation. The woke are languishing in an ideological odyssey, through which the “awakened” have already ...


Posted 10/24/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

By Ron Autrey
Autrey Research
An inspiration from Autrey Holdings, LLC

noun: anomaly; plural noun: anomalies
1. something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
"there are a number of anomalies in the present system"
The Presidential election had anomalies. Statistical impossibilities, ...

Businessman Ron Autrey to JU 2012 grads: Never stop learning

Posted 07/29/2021 in Authentic Autrey, Miscellaneous,

As with technology, education never stops. If you let either pass you by, you will be passed by.

That was the core of Jacksonville businessman Ronald A. Autrey’s technology-centric keynote address at Jacksonville University’s Fall Commencement on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012

“Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them,” Autrey said, quoting Albert...

Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

The Plight of the Hummingbird

Posted 07/14/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

The Plight of the Hummingbird

By Ron Autrey

July 14th, 2021

        Once upon a time, I was young vibrant hummingbird. My abilities to dart, jump, and soar at supersonic speeds were unparalleled in the bird kingdom. Like most of my fellow hummingbirds, I was beautifully feathered with God given colors painted with divine artistry. The world was our flower and we bathed ...

In Remembrance of Fran Kinne

Posted 06/27/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

"Let There Be Light" An amazing woman shaped the future of so many men and women. She changed the world with her smile and engagement with the world. Her reach is beyond measure. There has never been and will never be another Fran Kinne. I speak for thousands when I say we love you and thank you for touching our lives.

Ron Autrey

June 27th, 2021

Ron Autrey selfie at a stream
Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

Biden's Failing Agenda

Posted 06/02/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

A Message from Ron Autrey

Autrey Research

June 2nd, 2021

Our President is incompetent, demented, and dangerous. His VP replacement is equally below the historical standards for filling the role of the Leader of the Free World. The damage P. Biden is imposing on the world is escalating to the point of self destruction of the American Constitutional Republic we have enjoyed ...

I Dream of America

Posted 05/11/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

Do you remember when you were 15 years old? Do you remember at night, on your pillow, you dreamed of and longed for the girl or guy of your dreams? You could see their face with your eyes closed. You remembered how they smelled, and the sound of their voice, and the cadence of their step. Your chest tightened at the very thought of her or him.

I remember my America, The United States of ...

Ron Autrey selfie at a stream
Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

The State of Affairs

Posted 05/10/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

The State of affairs By Ron Autrey May 10th, 2021 It is past time to acknowledge that we have a new crisis and It is not climate change. The leader of the new world is a Dim Wit! Don't take my word for it. listen to his speeches. Listen to the news media from around the world. The fraudulently elected Biden is not competent to be President of the United States. Sadly, his Vice ...

Covid Diagnosis

Posted 05/05/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

Dear Friends,

I am guilty. Guilty of sharing sweet scented statistics that paint the Covid crisis with muted colors. I present them in a way that says we are all okay_ it will all pass. It is more likely to be a psychological defense to onslaught of terrible outcomes and possibilities that we are bombarded with every day. Like most half full glasses, we either look for salvation, or ...

Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

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