I Dream of America

Do you remember when you were 15 years old? Do you remember at night, on your pillow, you dreamed of and longed for the girl or guy of your dreams? You could see their face with your eyes closed. You remembered how they smelled, and the sound of their voice, and the cadence of their step. Your chest tightened at the very thought of her or him.

I remember my America, The United States of America. I’m not seeing her much today. She needs help_our help. Hate and crime have ruined the image of the Lady of Liberty that I Loved. Every night in Woke cities under Democratic control, the misguided soldiers of the devil are destroying the image of the Grande Dame of Liberty that I love.

To you who kneel at the Anthem of my Country, GET OUT! To you purveyors of lies and racist hate, GET OUT. To you politicians that lie and shoulder up to the criminal ANTIFA mobs, we will find you and arrest you along with the looting idiots that star in the CNN series of Woke Drama.

Truth, Justice, and God’s saving Grace will eventually prevail over the current turmoil in the streets of hell in the Democratic Sanctuaries of mayhem. Evil cannot survive in the presence of God’s will and our prominence as Soldiers of faith and righteousness. Some could say this is a “religious” plea. It is not. This is the voice of America. This is the reverberation of the Founders promise for a free world. Our swords are sharp and wielded with the strength of a determined people__A citizenry that has known freedom and will fight for its preservation.

Join me with your voice and your belief that we can do better. Not “Build Back Better”. Taking back control of our destiny happens at the ballot box. Tell your friends and children and grandchildren about your beliefs in the American Promise and Dream.

God Bless you and all those around you. Tomorrow, you can touch someone’s heart. You can add light and knowledge to a young open mind. Use your God given power to bring enlightenment and opportunity to those that will follow in our footsteps….

Ron Autrey

May 11th, 2021


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