Summer Thoughts

Summer Thoughts

Heat from the sun like a furnace to my thoughts,
Brings nothing pleasant shared from my lips
Parched with no music in my voice.

Come hither fall leaves and gentle cool breezes,
I’ll welcome you with rhyme and legions of verse.
Sea waves rolling in early morning light
Bring love and beauty each day,
and into the night.

Gold sunsets wink slyly and sink from the sky,
Marking each day as life quickly slips by.
Grant me today and all days ahead,
With impassioned embraces and comforting smiles.

Heal hearts that have broken and soothe troubled minds,
With spirits well fashioned from God’s healing vines.
Open my eyes, cleanse dark thoughts from my mind,
I’ve too much to do and not enough time…..

Ron Autrey
July 3rd, 2022



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