Joe Biden – What, Me Worry?

By: Hal Morris
February 19, 2021

As a presidential candidate, I thought that Joe Biden made many stupid comments and promises during his campaign. I attributed his promises to just plain natural MAD magazine stupidity, but now after his election and tirade of executive orders, as the saying goes, “He’s not naturally stupid he has to really work hard at it.” What else can explain his strong desire to obliterate our present state of energy independence, lead us down the path to energy dependence, and quickly destroy our successful economic advancements? His first move, probably written by either Bernie Sanders or one of Sanders’s advisors, was to issue an executive order stopping construction of the Keystone pipeline. Why?

President Biden’s motives can only be logically understood if you believe that fossil fuels’ burning is the cause of our planet’s Earth’s death. Green advocates postulate the thesis that the burning of fossil fuels is killing our planet despite a growing body of scientific analysis that disproves their conclusions about climate change. Still, in reality, the crisis they have created is not to address climate but as a tool to secure political and economic changes in countries worldwide.

President Biden’s antagonistic moves on his first day in the office is also probably his foolish way of attempting to destroy “Anything Trump.” How nice to send a message that there is a new sheriff in town. His goal is “To Kill Fossil Fuels.” His executive order immediately stopping the Keystone pipeline will not kill fossil fuels but increase the cost of transporting crude oil to refineries, thus increasing the cost of heating oil, gasoline, plastics, and other products made from oil. Woe to the consumer, especially those who are considered low socioeconomic earners.

It has accomplished killing the livelihoods of over 11,000 skilled workers and, even more harmful, the jobs and small businesses in many small towns across the pipeline route. Of course, his energy czar, “let them eat cake,” John Kerry helps these unemployed workers by offering them retraining and jobs building solar panels and wind turbines! Never mind that about 90% of these jobs are located in China and Asia, where their raw materials are located. God forbid that Biden and his advisors
would even attempt to examine the false pronouncements or scientific data behind the “kill fossil fuels” movement, nor examine the implications if his goals come to fruition.

Not satisfied with his first reckless move, he suspends new fossil fuel leases and drilling permits on Federal lands and waters. This move is then followed up by his announcement declaring a further ban on all oil and gas leases in the United States. An examination of these bans’ impact will not kill fossil fuels because the objective is to increase the price of oil, gasoline, and natural gas so high that the “green” energy sources such as solar and wind become favorably aligned and not overly expensive as they are now. The result for Biden and his mentor Bernie Sanders is more use of “green energy.”

A recent article by Shawn Regan, “The Cost of Not Drilling,” points out that the ban on oil and gas leasing will ‘inflict significant harm’ on many states that rely on revenues from such activities. The article points out that revenues from energy leases are a major federal income source, second only to taxes. This income is then distributed to states. It is a major source of funds allotted to Native tribes and the primary source for distributing popular federal and state programs from education to conservation to health care and public safety. Before the pandemic, nearly $12 billion was distributed. No mention of how the Democrats/Socialists are going to replace these funds. (Shawn Regan, The Cost of not Drilling, The National Review, 2/22/21.)

As the President says, “Come on man,” the landmark conservation bill, the Great American Outdoors Act, passed last year, is funded entirely by federal energy revenues. Regan’s article in itself is a blockbuster. Evidently, his ability to research the President’s hasty’s action and the resulting impact, without thought, is far more thoughtful than Biden and his staff did before issuing his executive orders

Certainly last, the February 18, 2021 editorial in the Wall Street Journal points out that the electric grid that “… depends upon on subsidized but unreliable wind and solar needs baseload power to weather surges in demand.” The editorial quickly destroys the “Climate Change” advocate’s excuses to explain the current Texas electric grid failure as the fault of gas, coal, and nuclear power. Politicians and green power advocates don’t want to address this because they have been clamoring to take coal and nuclear power plants off the grids for years. Now they also want to reduce natural gas production, one of the cleanest sources of power available.

As it has done in the past, the major media outlets either don’t tell the truth or distort reality to fit their progressive leftist attitudes. All of us suffer because the biased media doesn’t have the honesty necessary to explain and expose the charade being perpetrated upon the American people and the world.

Where are the investigative reporters and journalists? They are busy quashing Hunter Biden news or quashing the Governor Cuomo disaster in New York COID Nursing home deaths. What needs to be done is to continually confront the false information on fossil fuels and force Green proponents to defend their positions with facts and verified scientific data. If we don’t then, we will suffer the consequences of the destruction of our free enterprise system and the world’s strongest economy.


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