– By E. P. Unum

February 7th, 2021

The date was November 7, 1983 some 37 years ago, remember? On that date, the May 19 Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the Senate Chamber in an attempt to kill Republicans. Susan Rosenberg was arrested for this and was imprisoned until President Clinton pardoned her at the end of his term. Ms. Rosenberg now serves as an administrator and fundraiser for Black Lives Matter.

Let me say this again for emphasis: she and others planted a bomb in the Senate Chamber in an attempt to kill Republican Senators…and detonated it. An act of insurrection? I do not recall any democrats denouncing this heinous act as an insurrection.

Did you hear anything about this incident from the mainstream media when they condemned the riot that occurred on January 6, 2021? The media continues to call this riot an insurrection. It was not an insurrection; it was a riot by ignorant, dumb people, plain and simple. It was also planned and executed well in advance of President Trump’s speech and he had absolutely nothing to do with the mob that stormed the capitol. In fact, he urged them to march peacefully to the Capitol to express their views. But you do not hear that from democrats whose hatred for President Trump defies logic.

And so, Democrats are now leading the charge to impeach President Trump a second time saying that he was the man who instigated this riot; he was the trigger, the force behind it. They offer no evidence to support this ridiculous and absurd charge; they just spew their venom and hate. Consequently, the American people will be treated to a costly trial in the Senate to impeach a President who is no longer President. Where is the logic for this? With all of the issues faced by our country, how does this theatrical event help our nation?

Why was there no outcry when a crazed shooter, a devotee of Bernie Sanders, after asking if the players on a baseball field were all Republicans,  opened fire on Republican senators and congressmen and almost killed Senator Scalise of Louisiana?

I guess detonating a bomb in the Senate Chamber or opening fire on Republican House and Senate members doesn’t qualify for mention….or perhaps that’s because no one pays attention to history anymore!

Where exactly is our calm, soft-spoken President Biden on all of this? What is his perspective? He lived through all of these events. Has he nothing to offer? I guess we should all be happy that he speaks so softly, almost grandfatherly and he doesn’t tweet mean things. Where is his steadfast presence now?

Why he is busy signing Executive Orders of course. Practicing governing by fiat…the new Biden Doctrine. Let’s talk about these decrees for a minute and highlight some of the 52 actions he has taken since he took office on January 20, 2021. What exactly did he accomplish? The following are only a few of his “Presidential Actions”:

  1. In three executive orders, President Biden wiped away energy independence for America that took us decades to accomplish. President Trump enacted laws that stimulated oil and gas exploration, facilitated fracking, and turned the United States for the first time in its 245 year history into an oil-exporting nation, reversing our dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East and Venezuela. The result was lower prices for travel, significant reductions in the cost of gasoline for consumers at the pump, and heating oil to warm their homes. Have you checked out the gasoline prices at the pump recently?. They have increased here in the East by $.40 per gallon and are increasing at the rate of $.05 per week. They will soon top $3.00 per gallon and will reach $4.00 per gallon by the summer. Have you checked out food prices at the market? They are rising rapidly and will continue to do so as we rely more on rail and truck delivery of oil from Canada and ships from the Middle East. Not to mention the jobs lost in the fracking, coal, and gas exploration industries or those from his unilateral decision to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline. That pipeline delivers oil to the US from Alberta, Canada at roughly $10 per barrel. Delivering oil by Truck and Rail will cost $30-$36 per barrel and by barge roughly $40 per barrel. My question is….why? This is basic economics 101. And what the hell does any of this have to do with combating Covid, the major problem Biden said he would address?
  2. President Biden unilaterally enacted law that created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle when he pronounced that “transgender boys” can compete against girls in sports. Boys are biologically stronger and faster than girls so how is this fair for girls and….what the hell was the necessity for taking this action at this time in our history? But, true to form, President Biden did this calmly without angry tweets and without speaking loudly. Such a refreshing approach from a President who tells us he is a President for “all Americans.”
  3. Biden issued a new federal mask mandate requiring all federal employees and the U.S. military to wear masks at all times on federal property. But of course, Biden and many of his cabinet and officers have violated this new order already, specifically the newly appointed Climate Czar John “Lurch” Kerry (with apologies to the Adams Family Character).
  4. In the first few days in office, Biden terminated construction of the U.S. Southern Wall, which has demonstrated by any yardstick of measurement to control illegal immigration. But his action was an open invitation for illegals from Honduras, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Mexico to try to come into the U.S and as I write this piece, vast caravans of immigrants are already on their way here, many infected with Covid and God knows what else. So how does this help America? We already have 10 million people unemployed as a result of the virus. What will happen when we open our doors to hundreds of thousands more who come here illegally? Biden has also hinted that these immigrants will receive the Covid Vaccines, depleting the supplies available to U. S. Citizens. Again, how does this help our nation? How does it stimulate “unity”? Who bears the cost of housing, feeding, and caring for these people attempting to come here illegally. We the people….you and I…bear this cost. So how is that “putting America first”?
  5. In announcing his executive decrees, Biden has said very calmly and grandfatherly, that he is “not making new laws, he is eliminating bad policies”, a jab at President Trump, as if all of President Trump’s policies were bad! If they were bad, how did we have the greatest economic performance in history before the Covid Crisis hit? Keep in mind, when Biden reverses all of the Trump actions, such as the Trump tax cuts, every American will see significantly higher taxes despite Biden’s foolish commitments that no one will see higher taxes who makes less than $400,000 per year. That is an empty promise. Moreover, how will we pay for the trillions of dollars in the Green New Deal programs already underway without new taxes? But, in fairness, we must remember that Biden has taken these steps calmly and without condescending tweets or loud remarks. We the people should be grateful for this; it’s a real blessing
  6. Quietly, and with little discussion, one of Biden’s actions reversed a Trump executive order to lower the cost of insulin for diabetics and epinephrine for people with heart conditions. But, hey, this is only a small segment of the U.S. population and besides, it was originally enacted by Trump so it must be bad. Note again, Biden took these actions calmly and didn’t issue a single harshly worded tweet.
  7. One major action by Biden rescinds a Trump Order banning Chinese Communist involvement in the U.S. Power Grid. On its face, one would think that is common sense, after all, China is our competitor, so why should we give them access to our power grid. But, oh no, in today’s pursuit of the utopian world, his action by Trump should be disavowed. After all, restricting Chinese investment in this segment would be restricting dollars coming into our country, and surely you realize that that would be un-American and not conducive to American economic growth and GDP. I’d like to speak to the advisors who convinced Biden that he ought to reverse Trump’s decision here and understand how inviting an avowed enemy of the U.S. to be a part of our nation’s power grid is beneficial to the United States. Forgive me, but this sounds an awful lot like when Hillary Clinton agreed to the sale of 20% of our uranium resources to a Russian company while she was Secretary of State.
  8. One of Biden’s puzzling actions was to cancel the $30 billion farm subsidy program that helps our farmers feed our nation and immediately transferred that money to fight Climate Change. How does that help America? What do you think will happen to food costs in the near future? You know, I often hear people like AOC and John Kerry and President Biden and Kamala Harris speak about Climate Change as if this is solid universally-agreed upon science embraced by all. It is not. Recall Bernie Sanders and AOC announce two years ago that we had only twelve years left before the planet becomes extinct because of climate change…you know…the “existential threat of our time”. There are many more accomplished scientists who have written and spoken that these predictions are just hogwash. Shouldn’t we demand open and candid debates on this before injecting fear into our lives when there is no basis for fear? Democrats are good at that.
  9. The CDC, Academy of Pediatrics, and other physicians around the nation have stated that it is both safe and time to get our children back in schools. Wouldn’t this be “following the science” so often professed by President Biden? Why are our schools not open? Well, it is because the teachers’ union does not agree that teachers should be going back to work. And the teachers’ union is a significant contributor to Joe Biden. Has Biden even mentioned that he is in favor of schools opening? Why not? Funny that there are no executive actions here. Remember when the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike?  Remember what President Reagan did?  He fired them all. They went back to work quickly. So will teachers. But it takes a leader with guts to do this and frankly, we have a crisis in leadership in our government. But someone needs to step up and call into question what closed schools are doing to our children. Children are the only real treasure in life and we are sacrificing their future and their education on the altar of greed and laziness. It is un-America and by God is it downright wrong and pathetic.
  10. President Biden reminds us often that he is a devout practicing Roman Catholic. I, too, am a practicing Catholic and so what are we to assume when a man who professes to be a devout Roman Catholic openly supports abortion? In one of his most telling actions, Mr. Biden made the unforced unilateral decision to reverse the Trump-endorsed Mexico City Policy Ban on prohibiting the use of taxpayer funding of foreign abortion providers. His voluntary action on this matter is unconscionable in light of his Catholic Faith and will now subsidize the killing of unborn children beyond our borders. His action is a blatant betrayal of the teachings of the Church but it is sadly part of Mr. Biden’s DNA. He has done this many times in the past, most notably when he announced to the media the identity of the military group, Seal Team 6, that killed Osama bin Laden, thereby putting a target on their backs. Not long after, a Chinook Helicopter with 38 troops on board in Afghanistan, many of them Seal Team members was shot down with an RPG killing all on board. The media never mentioned Mr. Biden’s role in this.

Today, our nation’s National Debt stands at or around $30 Trillion Dollars. Our GDP stands at $23 Trillion so our debt to income ratio is 1:30 to 1 or stated another way, our total debt is 6.7 times the amount of income our government collects in taxes from all sources…corporations and individuals. To be sure, a good portion of this increase in debt is due entirely to Covid but unless we get some fiscal restraint into our Congress and President and focus on GDP growth to achieve greater productivity, there is a real possibility that one day, sooner than later, we will not be able to service our debt and that could spell disaster for the America we know and love. Yes, I realize that interest rates are near zero, but that cannot go on forever. Our government needs to start living within its means just like we the people have to do every day. The problem is that people in government think they are above the people. They have lost sight of the fact that they work for us.

Beyond the economic consequences for our nation, we are also faced with military and terrorist threats from China, Iran, and Russia. Have you followed Chinese actions in the South China Sea or its threats to Hong Kong and Taiwan? What will be the impacts if these actions become more and more aggressive as China has said they will. Russian bombers have “strayed” into Air Space over the Aleutians and Alaska. Did you hear of things like this happening while Trump was President? Iran has threatened the U.S. on a number of occasions and while alone, Iran represents not a great threat to the U.S.; allied with China and Russia they could be a problem, especially if they develop a nuclear capability. And they are closer to that than we think, plus China has made economic investments in Iran and have diplomatic ties to that rogue nation.

These are dangerous times and as Biden and his Administration moves closer and closer to the “transfer of wealth” which all of the plans and programs he and his democratic/socialist cohorts endorse, life will become more and more difficult for everyday Americans like you and me.

On the other hand, be mindful of the fact that Joe Biden never managed a business in his entire life. His reputation is marred by underhanded dealings, lies and plagiarism, and his so-called record of accomplishment is rather invisible. But, do always keep in the forefront of your minds that Joe Biden has undertaken all of these actions and more with calmness and soothing words…..and he never once tweeted bad things or called people names like that mean-spirited Orange Man Trump.

Is this what you voted for?


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