Month: July 2021

Businessman Ron Autrey to JU 2012 grads: Never stop learning

Posted 07/29/2021 in Authentic Autrey, Miscellaneous,

As with technology, education never stops. If you let either pass you by, you will be passed by.

That was the core of Jacksonville businessman Ronald A. Autrey’s technology-centric keynote address at Jacksonville University’s Fall Commencement on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012

“Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them,” Autrey said, quoting Albert...

First Coast Success: Ron Autrey, Miller Electric Co.

Posted 07/29/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Ron Autrey is president and CEO of Jacksonville-based Miller Electric Co., and will step into the role of chairman on Oct. 1, 2012.

He will succeed his father, Buck Autrey.

David Long becomes president and Henry Brown will be CEO. Both are senior vice presidents.

Miller Electric was founded in 1928 by Henry G. Miller and has grown from a small local electrical company into one...

China and the U.S.

Posted 07/25/2021 in Victor Davis Hanson,

China’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere The current Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere is as dangerous—but also as vulnerable—as its failed Japanese predecessor. By: Victor Davis Hanson July 25, 2021 ☆ Stonewalling investigations into the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan? ☆ A hundred new hardened intercontinental nuclear missiles silos? ☆ Dressing down U.S. diplomats on ...

More Things That Matter

Posted 07/22/2021 in Miscellaneous,

By E. P. Unum July 22, 2021 The following are some of the issues that trouble and concern me and, in my opinion, ought to concern all of us: Isn’t it curious that people who are truly oppressed by socialist/ communist and Marxist governments in Venezuela and Cuba are waving the American flag in their quest for freedom? I noticed that the U.S. Women’s soccer team, ranked #1 in...
Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

The Plight of the Hummingbird

Posted 07/14/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

The Plight of the Hummingbird

By Ron Autrey

July 14th, 2021

        Once upon a time, I was young vibrant hummingbird. My abilities to dart, jump, and soar at supersonic speeds were unparalleled in the bird kingdom. Like most of my fellow hummingbirds, I was beautifully feathered with God given colors painted with divine artistry. The world was our flower and we bathed ...

From Hippies to Yuppies to Our Puppies?

Posted 07/08/2021 in Victor Davis Hanson,

Eeyore ’s Corner: From Hippies to Yuppies to Our Puppies? Part Two: Yuppiedom By: Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers July 8, 2021 The nihilism of the protests movements, the drop-outs’ human wreckage, the end of the draft and American involvement in Vietnam, and the ‘silent majority’ reaction to hippiness, all ended the Sixites, albeit in the ...


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