By; Bill Schoettler

October 28, 2022

(Emphasis added)


Today (10/28) we are 11 days away from November 8, the deadline for voting in the mid-term elections. If you read most of the conservative publications you have heard from many that the country can expect a “landslide” of voters, the majority of whom will vote for Republican candidates. We can read about individual races where the Republican candidate is beating all opposition, sometimes by sterling performances in debates, sometimes by surging ahead in polls. Published confidence in a Republican takeover of the House and Senate is regularly reported.


That’s nice, at least if you’re tired of the poor performance, both nationally and internationally of our current administration. It is good to hear about these projections of a potential change in the direction our country is headed.


BUT, please consider this concern,



Yes, this is obvious but if you harken back to the 2020 election it also seemed obvious that Trump was going to win. And he didn’t. In fact, for whatever reason, Trump was defeated and the Republicans have been in disarray ever since.


Today we have predictions of how the Republicans will right the wrongs of the past two years, will re-direct the ship of state, strengthen the Constitution and reaffirm the rule of law. All that is well and good…and to be sincerely hoped.


What I can do, you can do, we all can do, those of us who are concerned about our country’s future and bemoan what has been happening? We can be sure to vote. We can also remind all our Republican friends to vote. Many States have sent out mail-in ballots to every registered voter. If your State has done this, call your friends and remind them to send in their votes. If your State offers one voting day, then check with anyone you know who may have difficulty getting to their polling place, and make arrangements to take them.


If any Republican believes that there are already enough Republicans sufficiently concerned to vote so they don’t have to worry about voting, consider some realities. To begin with, nothing will send a message to the world and to our country better than an overwhelming vote supporting the Republican position opposing what the Democrats have been doing to our country. If our citizens realize that the overwhelming majority of Americans are more concerned about inflation, energy problems, military ambivalence, government-made and enforced health decisions for the population, embarrassing foreign-policy decisions, abysmal school performance at all levels (from K through college), political interference with and silly interpretations of diversity, equity and inclusiveness visited upon all of us, than we are concerned about green energy and confused males participating in female sports and the availability of post-birth abortion choices…perhaps there can be a national sigh of comfort.


We are hearing (from the Dem-controlled MSM)that a Republican sweep will doom democracy, condemn our country to mediocrity and abandon the efforts to rewrite the Constitution to a more contemporary relevancy.


I say that a Republican sweep will save democracy, lift our country out of the quagmire of mediocrity into which it has been plunged by mismanagement, and strengthen the founding principles of true liberty, true equality of opportunity, and true justice for all…as well as reinforcing the laws and civic principles of justice that have protected this country for two and a half centuries.


This won’t happen unless we, the concerned and caring people of the United States of America, vote.


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