By E.P.Unum

October 27, 2022


I am certain that by now honest hard-working Americans are fed up with President Biden’s lies and corrupt practices. But November 8, Election Day, is rapidly approaching and so this article is directed to those Americans who may continue to believe that the Democratic Party is still the party of their parents and grandparents and that it is the “party of the working man and woman”.


The Democratic Party is no such thing.


So with this in mind, here are some things to remember when it is time to cast your vote on November 8. Remember…..


Remember our ill-advised, hasty retreat from Afghanistan, leaving behind American citizens and allies and over $85 billion in state-of-the-art weapons, ammunition, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters for the Taliban. Remember also the thirteen marines killed by a suicide bomber during the evacuation. They were helping Afghan refugees escape to freedom. Then remember this was Joe Biden’s decision against the advice of his military generals.


Remember how things were in terms of our economy just two short years ago? Here is a brief comparison of how things were on the last day Trump was President and Biden took the oath of office and how these same things are today:


Under Trump Today Under Biden

Inflation 1.4% 8.3%

Gas Prices (nat. avg) $2.25/gal $3.89/gal

30 yr. Fixed Mortgage Rates 2.65% 7.08%

Average Rent/mo. $1,625 $2,039

NASDAQ 13,342 10,829

Avg. Increase of Groceries 3.7% 13.5%

Avg. Increase of Electricity 1.5% 15.8%

Change in ReaHourly Wages 4.0% (2.8)%


All of this translates into an annual average loss in income for citizens like you and me of roughly $4,800. The strain on families has been enormous and unprecedented except for the Great Depression. Add to this the losses sustained by retirement accounts and 401-K’s of roughly $34,000 on average and you have an economy that is flirting with disaster. The sad part about all of this is that it was, and is self-inflicted and entirely predictable. More than half of our inflation rate is directly tied to Joe Biden’s unconscionable war on fossil fuels which began on the day he took office. With the stroke of a pen he wiped out America’s energy independence and that has been very costly for our economic well-being. In case you were not aware, oil does not just impact gasoline and diesel fuel, it also adversely impacts about 6,000 other products and services driving prices through the roof. The rest of the inflation spiral is wholly related to the spending on frivolous programs such as climate change (the hubris behind this is astounding…what makes us think that the government can control the climate… it can’t even control telemarketing calls!). Then there is the mismanagement by the Federal Reserve in pumping more money into the economy when there was no need to do so and Biden’s extension of unemployment benefits paying people not to work…a blueprint for disaster.


If Joe Biden was the CEO of a major corporation, the shareholders would be justified in seeking his dismissal for presiding over such a mess. Well, he is the CEO of our nation….time to send a message and make a change.


Remember this also: In addition to being incompetent, Joe Biden is a chronic and habitual liar. And as my grandfather, an Italian immigrant with a fourth-grade education told me many times “you can sometimes trust a thief, but you can never trust a liar” Have you ever noticed how many of Joe Biden’s actions, exaggerations, and outright lies have benefitted our enemies? Why, for example, are we looking to restart the Iran Nuclear Deal when we will release sanctions against this bloodthirsty regime, then give them billions in cash in exchange for what…their promise to not use the nuclear bomb they have already developed? The Iranians have violated every agreement they have ever had with the West. Remember when the Mullahs of Iran refused to negotiate with America? Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in a moment of pure insanity chose Russia to act as our broker to negotiate this deal. You have got to be kidding me. Russia, led by the Butcher of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, is going to act on our behalf? Seriously, how in God’s name is this beneficial for America? What exactly do you think the outcome will be?


But then, remember this: Didn’t Hunter Biden receive millions from Russia for doing nothing? Wasn’t Hunter Biden a drug addict who drank incessantly? What if Hunter Biden is on tape somewhere frolicking around with underage Russian girls? Are he and his father compromised? We do know that Hunter had structured business deals with entities financed by the Chinese Communist Party and that Joe Biden was involved in at least one of them. Can you spell corruption?


Remember also that it was Joe Biden who, when asked back in January what he would do if Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine responded…”we’ll just have to see. If it is just a little incursion that might not change things” Not the kind of leadership the free world needs. His statement was an invitation to Putin to invade, and he did.


Remember also these terrifying facts: As of September 2022 month-end, over 2.4 million illegal immigrants poured into our country with another 600,000 getaways. In 2021, there were over 1.8 million illegal immigrants in our country. All told we have had an invasion of roughly 5.0 million illegals crossing our borders at the invitation of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas. We…you and I…John Q Public… are paying for the cost of housing, medical, food, cell phones and travel for all of these immigrants at a time when we are all dealing with dinner table issues of rampant inflation, supply chain problems, increases in costs for everything from gasoline to food to tissues. The price tag for these illegals approaches $500 billion. Beyond that, many of the illegals coming into our nation are on the terrorist watch list. That is another crisis of epoch proportions brewing. Remember too, the massive influx of the lethal drug fentanyl from China coming through our southern border. It was China who gave us the Wuhan Virus that killed thousands of Americans. Now they are giving us fentanyl and are is killing an entire generation of Americans, many of them children. But all we hear from Biden et als is “the border is closed and under control”. The first responsibility of government is the protection ad safety of its citizens. Do you feel safe? Fentanyl is now coming into our nation disguised as candy. Halloween is around the corner. What will you tell your children?


Remember that since Joe Biden took office, crime is running rampant in our streets. People are being pushed off subway platforms in New York City; stores are robbed in broad daylight; people are randomly attacked on our city streets – all a function of attorney generals who refuse to do their jobs and incarcerate criminals. Police arrest the criminals, and they are back on the street before the ink is dry on the arrest forms, all because of the cashless bail philosophy adopted by many states and cities across the nation. Politicians promise to release criminals from prison in exchange for votes and Joe Biden just signed a bill to release thousands of prisoners serving sentences for using and trafficking in marijuana. How does this provide for the safety and security of the people?


If you want to control crime you have to enforce the law, not ignore it. And you do not control crime by defunding the police but by strengthening the police force and supporting them. And here is an unequivocal, irrefutable fact: Criminals commit far less crime after they have been shot. They also tend to commit far fewer crimes when they are incarcerated for long prison terms.


Remember that Democrats killed a bill for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in combat, then approved a bill giving illegal aliens free tuition.


If you wanted to design a plan for bankrupting a nation, all you need to do is follow the actions taken by Joe Biden since the day he took office. Barack Obama warned us so eloquently when he said “Don’t ever underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to f#@$ck things up”


Now, consider this:

Let me see if I have this right:

If we get attacked by missiles they would most likely have been built with technology given to the Chinese by Bill Clinton, funded by Iran with pallets of cash ($176 billion) Obama gave them in the middle of the night, and warheads developed from uranium sold to Russia by Hillary Clinton.

…and all of this somehow points to President Trump as a traitor? Really????


In an interview, when asked if he was going to seek a second term, I heard Biden say “he believes he deserves two terms”.

I could not agree more – in prison. One for treason and the other for fraud. And not him alone.


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