B-Team Buffoonery Part Trois

B-Team Buffoonery

Part Trois


By: Stanley Ralph

October 21, 2022


Continuing from a previous post, Joe Biden, our feckless, wobbly hood ornament of a President, is cast perfectly. He is supposed to walk softly and carry a big stick. Rather, he stumbles, occasionally blurting out classified material, and carries a toothpick. Can anyone please identify a world leader with such obvious fragility?


The answer is no. What is of present concern is the “toothpick” and China’s calculated assessment.

1. China sees America as a former great power, now teetering on collapse, pursuing Woke Social Experiments and Green Fantasies that divert our attention.


2. China sees a hollowing out of our middle class. All of humanity is stratified if government will let it. Some do well. Others do very well. Still others not so well. Freedom allows each of us to rise to the height of our natural abilities, but achievement is not a guarantee. There must be a strong component of internal incentive and hard work. The American middle class is a cauldron of personal preparation, opportunity, and hard work. The current regime is working overtime to drive the lower middle class into the lower class. At the same time, it’s picking and choosing the winners and boosting them to the ruling class of Elites. This leaves the actual middle of middle class with no avenue of escape. In the end, we have Elites and dependent Serfs, a classic Marxist model.


3. China sees our so-called illustrious military leaders cut and run in Afghanistan, leaving at least $50 billion of top-line military equipment and a strategic airbase for the Taliban, abandoning Americans and allies, thus returning the country to 500 AD again.


4. China sees our hapless Taiwan foreign policy where we perpetuate the “one China” hoax and tiptoe around the obvious threat. The recent Pelosi farewell photo-op trip underscores just how feeble our strength, or lack thereof, is projected. She’s literally the sharpest tack in their drawer. She even brought our Asian congressman, Andy Kim (NJ-3) along as a photo-op token. Mr. Kim for all his kind words is in her 100% voting circle but is the most useless member of congress. China flew some planes overhead to growl at the visit, which amounted to nothing.


5. China sees that we dragging our feet on the delivery of military defensive equipment even though Taiwan is paying cash for it.


6. China sees that Taiwan provides 90%+ of the world’s computer chips and other electronic parts. Cars are now delivered without key features; no chips, no features. If we can’t build cars, how could we ever gear up for building tanks or missiles? What Taiwan doesn’t produce, China does. In my own experience today, there are 23-month lead times on basic microcontrollers, the heart of most products used here. If China, as an enemy, chokes off supply, America comes to a halt physically and economically


7. China sees an American regime that is intent on destroying our energy industry, which literally fuels our entire society. It will be cold this winter. America will be preoccupied with staying warm.


8. China sees that our current military genius planners state that America cannot sustain a two-theater war and may not be able to successfully defend an ally (Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Australia) in the Pacific Theater.


9. China sees its military might on the incline, while America’s is on the decline. When we send Billions to Ukraine without immediately and urgently replenishing our stock, we are less prepared to defend ourselves or our allies.


10. China sees the recent grads of ideological indoctrination blinded to the real threats. While we fret about DEI, Wokism, Green initiatives, and destroying our massive energy industry, China puts online a coal-fired power plant every week. These are the people in the White House, the Cabinet, and throughout the bureaucracy who run our country in absence of a real president.


In short, China sees weakness, and in weakness there is opportunity. They know that life will be different if Republicans take the House or even also the Senate. They know that pushback is coming. Sanctions, a Taiwan military build-up, and strong incentives to bring our chip and drug manufacturing home. They also know that if we flipped the switch on energy production, investment would return, and America would become strong and safe again.


Esteemed analysts project that China would invade Taiwan in 3-5 years. Not possibly, they would invade. That timeframe is risky for China. A lot of good things could happen in America by then, and that would be bad for China.


I read an interesting snippet recently that is newsworthy. America is very weak until January 1, 2023, when the political climate will change. From November 8 through December 31 is a suboptimal window for China, but it may well be good enough.


During this window, China could take Taiwan in 3-4 days, plenty enough time before Hapless Joe could return from the beach house and comfortably before the U.N. could offer any resolution. Russia and China would veto it anyway.


Then what? The handwringing would be intense, so worried about starting WW III. Likely, the current regime would retreat into word-salad speeches and declarations of outrage. That’s it. We’ve always supported One China; we got it.


Sadly, it’s clear that the United States government has squandered our pre-eminent role as leader of the free world.


Mr. President, please awaken from the dream sleep.

You have dropped the flag of Freedom.

Pick it up and for once. Lead.


Why won’t this happen? B-team buffoonery.


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