Our strength

Our strength

By: Judd Garrett

Objectivity is the Objective

August 7, 2022


“Diversity is our strength.” They keep telling us that again and again and again, with such matter-of-fact certitude that we are supposed to take this assertion as self-evident. It is presented as a priori knowledge, accepted without empirical evidence, and cannot be questioned.


But, it must be questioned.


What is “diversity”? What do they mean when they use the word “diversity”? Diversity means difference. And in the context in which they use the word, they are referring to the difference in skin color. So how can the difference in skin color, the mere hue of our skin be our strength? What is it about the varying hues of skin, according to them, that makes America strong?


Are the diversity proponents suggesting that the differences in skin color indicate inherent differences between people beyond their skin color to an array of other human attributes, like intelligence, talents, or personal character? If they are, that is racist. They would be claiming that a person’s skin color is a defining characteristic which is the definition of racism.


But if they are not claiming that there are inherent differences between people based on skin color, that people are all the same regardless of how they look, then why is there a push for diversity? How could a diversity of skin color be considered a strength if skin color does not signify differences beyond that of skin color?


Diversity is not our strength. Diversity, in and of itself, is neither a strength nor a weakness. But if we are forced to bow to the altar of diversity, as many on the woke-left are compelling our country to do, diversity becomes a danger. Our strength, America’s strength, is rooted in our Constitution. That is the defining document, the unifying philosophy of the United States of America. The philosophy of our Constitution is the complete opposite of the philosophy of diversity. A Constitution is “the basic principles and laws of a nation or state.” A Constitution is vital to a country because it unifies all the people of the country under a set of common principles and laws.


The United States Constitution unites all Americans regardless of race based on our common humanity while diversity divides Americans based on our racial differences. So, diversity cannot be our strength, because divided countries are not strong, only united ones are. The push for diversity, focusing on that which divides us, prevents us from truly uniting as a country, and fully realizing our true strength as a nation.


The people who are continually pushing for diversity are the ones who are also attempting to destroy our Constitution while amplifying our differences, to reconceive our defining philosophy within the context of our racial differences, so they can replace unifying concepts like “equal protection under the law” with divisive theories like “intersectionality” which judges and defines people unequally based solely on race, ethnicity, sex, and gender. So, the more boxes you check, the more valuable you become. In the intersectional world, an LGBTQ black female is inherently more valuable than a cis-gender straight white male.


They want us to believe that differences in skin color indicate differences in humanity. The road of diversity leads to unfounded and prejudicial claims like a black person cannot be racist, and white people cannot help but be racist, which can only lead to the belief that black people are inherently superior to white people because racists are inferior to non-racists. Suddenly in America bigotry is accepted again, as long as it is directed at the proper groups. And the bigotry and prejudice which arises from our diversity push do not make us stronger, they make us weaker.


Likewise, the teaching of Critical Race Theory which is taking over our schools does not unite us, it divides us. The constant dwelling on the sins of our past drives a wedge between people of different races, leaving no room for reconciliation or redemption, only revenge and retribution. One race is pitted against another race not based on what is happening today, but on what occurred centuries ago, long before most people were even born. And people are deemed guilty or victims, not based on their actions or suffering, but on their skin color.


We lose our humanity going down the road of diversity because our humanity is deeper than the outermost layer of our skin. Our humanity is at the inner core of our being which gets missed if we only focus on our surface. There is a quality, an essence to being human, deep down, that we all have that rises above our racial differences. We are all the same, with the same needs, the same desires, and the same fears. We all cherish life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We all want to be seen and judged and loved for who we are beyond the constricting intersectional boxes.


Diversity is not our strength. Our Constitution is our strength. Our Constitution brings us together. It unifies us under common humanity – our desire for freedom, equal rights, and equal protection. The freedom and equality guaranteed to us under our Constitution transcend race, ethnicity, sex, and gender, all of those categories that the diversity crowd uses to divide us, to pit one against the other. It is not just the United States Constitution that unites us. We can never lose sight of our constitution as human beings which unites us and which is common to all people.


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