A Rigged Game

A Rigged Game


By: Judd Garrett

July 24, 2022


The more I watch the January 6 hearings, the more I’m convinced that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen. It is evident these hearings are primarily about preventing Donald Trump from running for President again. But why would the Democrats go to this extreme to prevent a candidate from the opposing party who they just trounced by over 7 million votes from running again? They should want Donald Trump to run again, so they can beat him even more soundly. A second Trump defeat could mean the end of the Republican party as we know it. Yet, the Democrats are scared to death that Trump may run again. That tells you everything. They are scared because they know Donald Trump received 74 million legitimate votes in 2020, and that will be hard to beat legitimately in 2024.


When someone points to the fact that an uninspiring, decrepit, cognitively impaired candidate like Joe Biden received 81 million votes, 11 million more votes than Barack Obama ever received, as proof that the 2020 election was stolen, the Democrats reply, Biden received that many votes because he was running against Donald Trump. The 81 million votes were not pro-Biden votes, they were anti-Trump votes. If that is true, you would think that the Democrats would be doing everything in their power to ensure that Donald Trump was the 2024 Republican nominee rather than say, Ron DeSantis. Trump just lost by 7 million votes to a candidate who didn’t even know he was running for President half the time. If Biden can get 81 million legitimate votes simply because he ran against Donald Trump, they could run a doorknob against Trump and get 80 million votes.


But the Democrats know the election was fraudulent; they know that Donald Trump received 74 million legitimate votes; they know they will have to implement and execute an even greater voter fraud scheme to beat Trump in 2024, and that’s why they are putting America through this unending string of hearings. These hearings are the first step in the Democrat Party’s attempt to rig the 2024 election. They are using their political power for their political purposes to prevent the opposing party’s most popular candidate from running.


The other purpose of the January 6 Hearing is to perpetuate the lie that the 2020 election was legitimate. The Democrats have brought in many witnesses who have testified to the American people that Donald Trump was told by people in his administration that he lost the election legitimately. They have repeated that so many times that it appeared that the only other purpose of these hearings was to engrain into the American people’s minds that the election was not stolen. That is why they have witnesses say it over and over and over again. This is very similar to the Democrats and the left-wing media, less than a week after the election, repeating almost in unison the unproven and unverified claim that the 2020 election was “the most secure in America’s history”. There was no way that soon after the election anyone could make that claim, yet it was made time and again by Democratic politicians and left-leaning media, in an obvious attempt to get out ahead of the story, and immediately dispel any legitimate claims that there was election fraud which makes you think there was election fraud.


Many on the left knew there was going to be massive voter fraud in their favor, and that is why Donald Trump was the only candidate who was repeatedly asked to pre-emptively accept the results of the 2020 election before it had taken place. Joe Biden was not asked to do so, even though many Democrats questioned the results of the 2016 election, and Hilary Clinton publicly told Biden to not accept the results if he lost. If Trump had said he would accept the results of the election no matter what, that would only embolden the cheaters to cheat. That would be like a teacher telling her students that under no circumstance will she accuse anyone of cheating on her test.


The January 6 Hearings is also a rigged game. There are only two Republicans on the committee, not four as is required by law, and both Republicans are Never-Trumpers. They do not allow cross-examination of witnesses. They allow witnesses to testify anonymously. No defense is allowed to be offered. No potentially exculpatory evidence is presented. And there is no proper discovery. The only evidence that is presented in these hearings is evidence that proves the prosecution’s case. It is a Soviet-style show trial – a rigged game.


So, for all the people who are clutching their pearls at even the suggestion that anyone would ever try to cheat in a Presidential election, understand this – the Democrats cheat at everything. They never play by the rules. They are always rigging the game or gaming the system. They don’t believe in a level playing field. In June, Paul Pelosi purchased over $1 million of stock in Nvidia, a semiconductor company, and this week, Congress, led by his wife Nancy Pelosi, passed legislation giving $52 billion in subsidies to the computer chip industry which drives up the stock price of companies like Nvidia. On March 19, 2021, Mr. Pelosi exercised options to purchase 25,000 Microsoft shares worth more than $5 million, less than two weeks before the Army announced a $22 billion contract to buy augmented reality headsets from Microsoft which boosted the value of his shares. It has been documented that Paul Pelosi picks stocks better than Warren Buffet does. How? He relies on a rigged game. He knows which legislation is going to pass to benefit which industry or which companies ahead of time, and he purchases stocks based on information that the rest of the investing public does not have. They cannot take their chances and invest like everyone else; they need a rigged game.


In the 1980s, Hilary Clinton purchased $1,000 of cattle futures, and six months later, she sold those futures for $100,000, and never purchased cattle futures again. She was playing a rigged game. She was the greatest first-time cattle future investor in the history of the world, and she never invested in cattle futures again? That defies logic. That would be like a person who never played basketball before, playing one game in the NBA, scoring 100 points, and never playing basketball again. Hilary cheats at everything. It was revealed through Wikileaks that Donna Brazile of CNN had given Hillary Clinton the debate questions ahead of time, before the Presidential debate? They need to have a rigged game.


The same people who attack Donald Trump for questioning the results of the 2020 election and not blindly abiding by the voice of the electoral college are the same people who after the Supreme Court Dobbs decision, have encouraged the harassment and intimidation of Supreme Court Justices at their homes, in public restaurants, threatening their lives and the lives of their children, so they will change their opinions. The Democrats are not willing to sit idly by and abide by the voice of the Supreme Court the way they demanded Trump do so after the 2020 election. Why is questioning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court okay but questioning the legitimacy of an election a threat to democracy? They want to have it both ways.


If the riot at the Capital interfered with the proceedings of a coequal branch of government, the Senate, then harassing and intimidating Supreme Court justices is interfering with the proceedings of a coequal branch of government – the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and AOC are all in favor of interfering with the proceedings of the Supreme Court. They are doing exactly what they accused Donald Trump of doing. And now, Democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court, and even called to abolish the Court altogether.


Every step of the way, the Democrats want a rigged game. When the Supreme Court doesn’t rule the way the Democrats want them to rule, they threaten to pack the Court which is equivalent to stuffing the ballot box in the Court. When they can’t get the legislation passed that they want, they threaten to make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., states which would add four more Democrat Senators which is equivalent to stuffing the ballot box in the Senate. When the Constitutional procedure of a filibuster gets in their way of passing legislation, they threaten to do away with the filibuster which is another form of stuffing the Senate ballot box. When the electorate is not voting the way they want them to, they illegally bring in millions of foreign nationals into our country who will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats if enfranchised with the vote which is essentially stuffing the ballot box in their favor.


The Democrats rig every game. When they want everybody in the country to drive electric cars, and when no one wants to buy them, they heavily subsidize electric vehicles and artificially drive-up gas prices which dramatically rigs the automobile market in favor of electric cars. Before naming his Vice-Presidential running mate and also his Supreme Court nominee, Joe Biden stated he would only select a black female for those positions which rigged that process in favor of one small segment of the country. Biden didn’t simply tilt the playing field to their advantage, he eliminated the playing field.


The Democrats are rigging the entire society to their advantage. They have taken over the educational system and are indoctrinating students as young as five years old into their liberal ideology. They’ve taken over the media, and the overwhelming majority of the news stories are slanted heavily in their direction. They’ve taken over the entertainment industry where most of the movies and TV shows are left-wing propaganda. Big tech and social media companies are actively censoring conservative voices while pushing left-wing propaganda on their platforms. Everywhere along the way the Democrats are rigging or gaming the system to their advantage, so why is it unreasonable to believe they would do the same with elections, especially when they were able to pass laws that made it very easy to commit voter fraud, such as universal mail-in ballots, unguarded drop boxes, no voter ID, and no signature match.


The Democrats fight tooth and nail to prevent purging the voter rolls of people who died or moved out of state. There’s no other reason for not allowing the voter rolls to be purged other than wanting to cheat in the election. There is no other reason to want dead people’s names and the names of people no longer residing in the state still on the voter rolls other than the fact that they want to vote in their place. We always joke about dead people voting, but the only way dead people can vote is if their name is still on the voter rolls. And that’s why the Democrats want to keep all these ineligible voters on the rolls; they want to cheat. They want to vote for the people who are ineligible to vote. That’s it. It is the same with voter ID. The only reason why anybody would be against voter ID is that they want to be able to cheat. They want to make the elections less secure, so they can vote in the place of someone else without showing ID. No other reason for eliminating voter ID. None.


It must be so quietly disheartening to have so little faith and confidence in your beliefs and your platforms that you feel the necessity to have to cheat at every turn to win. If the Democrats believed in what they stood for and what their policies are, then they would be willing to allow them to compete on a fair and level playing field. But at every turn, they are illegally tilting the playing field to their advantage. And the American people are getting politicians and policies foisted upon them that they do not want, are hurting them, and destroying the country.a


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