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Part 6


By Madelyn Greenberg

March 15, 2022


Dr. Aaron Kheriaty was the next primary speaker at the January 24, 2022 US Senate Hearing, “Second Opinion”, where Doctors, Scientists, Attorneys, and Victims of Adverse Reactions from the COVID-19 vaccines, spoke regarding “Pandemic Responses”.


Dr. Kheriaty said, “I want to talk about medical ethics because I am concerned that many of the Pandemic policies have ignored our foundational principles of medical ethics. During the initial lockdowns in 2020, hospitals sat empty. For weeks, hospital staff, including doctors, were even sent home. As we had canceled surgeries, the procedures and we were waiting for an influx of COVID patients that did not arrive until months later.”


He went on to say, “Health care systems, spurred by perverse payment incentives from CMS. Dr. Marik referred to just one of those, there have been several others, that caused our health care systems to be narrowly focused on one single disease. This caused, for example, biasing our COVID hospitalization and death counts. We’ve heard, quite a bit of that in the media in the last couple of weeks. People in this room, have known about that for two years.”


“We effectively ABANDONED patients that were suffering from other conditions, that had other medical needs. The disastrous fruits of this myopia, include an unprecedented, 40% increase in all-cause mortality among working-age adults, 18-64 over the last year. Most of which, two-thirds to three-quarters, depending on the State, was NOT related to COVID. Actuaries, tell us that a 10% rise in all-cause mortality, is a once in two-hundred-year disaster. This was a 40% rise. Our public health establishment has NO ANSWER for that!”


Dr. Kheriaty made this powerful point, for which I will explain each of the terms listed. “The ethical principle of a free and informed medical consent, guaranteed by the Nuremberg Code.” As defined by Wikipedia, The Nuremberg Code is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation, created by the US vs. Brandt Court, as one result of the Nuremberg Trials at the end of the Second War. Dr. Kheriaty continued with listing, “The Helsinki Declaration”, which is defined as a list of recommendations and guidelines for doctors conducting biomedical research involving human subjects, which translates the principles of the Nuremberg Code. Then, he added, “The Belmont Report”, which is defined in Wikipedia as, a report created by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. He said that The Belmont Report was “issued by our Federal Government and the Common Rule in Federal Law. This basic principle in medical informed consent was ABANDONED!”


Dr. Kheriaty then gave an example to support his previous statement, “When vaccine mandates required experimental EUA vaccines. The common good argument to get vaccinated to protect others quickly fell apart with clear evidence that the COVID Vaccines DO NOT, PREVENT INFECTION, or TRANSMISSION of the virus. Yet, these one-size-fits-all mandates for vaccines remained! Meanwhile, public health authorities IGNORED Natural or Infection Induced Immunity, even though this remains our primary path OUT of this pandemic, especially as advocacy efficacy declines with time and new variants. As we have seen clearly with Omicron.”


“Transparency, which is an essential principle of public health ethics, was likewise ABANDONED. Along with several colleagues, some of them in this room, I had to file a FOIA request, (Freedom of Information Act), to obtain the Pfizer vaccine clinical trials from the FDA. The FDA is required under law to release on the day in which it was authorized. The Agency came back and said it wanted seventy-five years to release this data. The data for the vaccine that HAD BEEN MANDATED for millions of Americans! Data, that took the FDA, ONLY, one-hundred-eight days to review.”


Dr. Kheriaty summed up his opening statement with his most powerful assertion. When he said, “Fortunately, the Federal Judge just ordered this data released in 8 months. Thousands, like me, have lost our jobs for declining a novel injection, whose safety and efficacy data remains hidden. …The scientific method also suffered from a repressive academic and social climate of censorship and silencing of competing perspectives. This projected to the public, the false appearance of a scientific consensus. A consensus that was often, VERY STRONGLY influenced, by economic or other, political external interests…Our government and health authorities HAVE NOT defined the thresholds for this State of Emergency, which is renewed every three months…Public health emergency has NEVER been defined.”


He closed his presentation with, “The supposed legal justification, for this State of Emergency, for all the burdensome COVID countermeasures, a term that has emerged in the last few months, with the militarization of public health. Physicians, scientists don’t’ talk about covert countermeasures. These covert countermeasures, the infringements on our civil liberties, the censorship of dissenting voices, all justified supposedly, in the name of a Public Health Emergency. The criteria of which has never been clearly defined. The assumption of Emergency Powers by both elected officials and unelected bureaucrats, continues indefinitely, with no end in sight. Without any critical scrutiny or appropriate checks and balances.”


The primary presenter, Dr. Robert W. Malone began his opening statement with what he stated as his opinion. “We should not have publicized Sars- COV-2 and COVID-19. This is a bipartisan issue. The physicians represented here are truly a bipartisan group. I am not, although I have been characterized, as a right-wing Proud-Boy.” He then described, “In my opinion, many mistakes have been made. Many of those have been covered here. Now we need to move forward and base our management decisions on Omicron and current science, rather than looking backward to data from earlier phases of the outbreaks, involving virus strains that are no longer circulating. I am a physician and scientist…The science is settled. It is NOT a political issue. These vaccines are designed for the ORIGINAL Wuhan strain, but mismatched for Omicron! They do NOT prevent infection or replication, nor, spread to others!”


“In other words, the vaccines are leaky. They have poor durability and even, if every man, woman, and child in the United States were vaccinated, these products, CAN NOT achieve herd immunity! Furthermore, they are NOT completely safe! The FULL RISK is uncharacterized.”


Dr. Malone went on with his statements and declared, “It usually takes us many years to understand the risks of vaccines and certainly, NEW vaccine technologies. If there is a risk, there MUST BE choice!”


He continued, “Dr. Kheriaty has just shared the legislative and ethical background for that. Informed Consent Disclaimer of risks is essential for ANY procedure. Nicely summarized.” That includes these experimental vaccine shots. Dr. Malone went on to say, “Informed Consent based on full disclosure of risks, is an absolute necessity for any medical procedure. You ALL know this. When you go to the doctor and have a medical procedure, you go to the surgeon and they describe the risks and benefits and, allow you to make a choice. This is particularly so for PRODUCTS under Emergency Use Authorization!”


Dr. Malone followed this information by stating, “In contrast, Omicron is highly infectious, readily effects those that ARE VACCINATED. Is generally associated with mild disease and rarely if ever causes death.”


Most significantly, Dr. Malone asserted that “Mandating these vaccines, makes NO sense! It is completely inconsistent with the core principles of Western bioethics. Developed since the Nuremberg Trials and codified in Federal Law as the Federal Common Rule.”


He then quoted Nelson Mandela from May of 1995 with, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul, than how it treats its children.” Dr. Malone after repeating that quotation stated, “In my opinion, our public policies in managing this, has had particularly strong adverse effects on our children. Vaccine mandates for our children are completely unjustified at this point.”


For the remainder of Dr. Robert Malone’s last statements from his opening remarks, you will have to wait for Part 7 of this series on the US Senate Hearing “Second Opinion” and find out more from Dr. Malone; those speakers that have spoken before and of the many to come, for the informative, revealing and enlightening “Pandemic Responses”, that are in store for you.


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