Will P. Biden heal the soul of America? I don’t believe he can.

I found this to share,

“The restoration of the soul of America will not come from Washington, or even in our statehouses. It will not be a top-down approach; the top is too irrevocably corrupt. It will come from where it always comes from, the bottom, the grassroots, the true heart and soul of our nation, in our kitchens and living rooms, in our neighborhoods and schools, in our families and communities. We must not allow the corrupt at the top to pit us against each other, do not be complicit in their divide and conquer scheme, do not allow their corruption to corrupt us and our souls, for we, the average everyday citizens are the very foundation of this country. We are what make this country work, and make it great. It is us, not them, not their politics, not their corruption. They are nothing without us, but without them dragging us down, we would truly soar.”

Judd Garrett

January 20th, 2021


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