Social Justice or Distorted Movement

We are at a crossroads. Should we bow our heads and accept the ridiculous changes being placed by executive order and enforced by social justice, or raise our voices against the tyranny enforced by the ignorant misguided followers of a distorted movement.

The fraudulently elected Pres. Biden will not last more than a few months. VP Harris, soon to be President, will be a puppet at the hands of mega-corporate coalitions that run the worlds economy. Much like the split electorate in the USA, there is a small business economic army that has more power than they realize. We must coalesce and become a strong voice.

We must vote and take back control of the House and Senate. The very future of America as we used to know it is at stake.

My greater fear is that we may not be able to sit on our hands until a 2022 election. We no longer have the Court to save our Country. The voting record over the last 30 years has created many of the sociological problems we face today.

November 5th, 2020


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