2022 Expedition Atlantic Canada



July 22 – August 12, 2022

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OCEARCH is bringing unprecedented white shark research back to Atlantic Canada for our 44th Ocean Research Expedition! Alongside 45 collaborators from 30 research organizations, Expedition Atlantic Canada will collect data for 25 different research projects and help increase the sample size of our Western North Atlantic White Shark Study in an effort to reach our goal of 100 white sharks sampled, tagged and released in this region.

After studying 84 sharks in the Western North Atlantic to date, 36 of which were tagged in Canadian waters, we’ve seen that Nova Scotia is an important summer foraging site for these animals. This year we are expanding our research efforts beyond Nova Scotia to the waters off the Magdalen Islands and Newfoundland, in an effort to increase our knowledge on the white sharks in Atlantic Canada. This information will then be used to help guide responsible conservation and public safety efforts.

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Information was collected from www.oceach.org


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