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Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom: A Conversation with a Teacher and OCEARCH Education Ambassador

Posted 04/04/2024 in OCEARCH,

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Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom: A Conversation with a Teacher and OCEARCH Education Ambassador

We had the pleasure of speaking with Kara Lawless, a passionate high school science teacher and Education Ambassador for OCEARCH. Kara has been working closely with OCEARCH to bring marine education into her ...

Celebrating the life of a legend: Jimmy Buffett

Posted 09/11/2023 in OCEARCH,

Celebrating the life of a legend. We had the honor of hosting Jimmy Buffett on expedition in 2017. He helped us work up a baby white shark which he named after his father.Thank you for loving our oceans and for inspiring generations of people to do the same. Rest in Paradise. SOURCE: OCEARCH Facebook

Miss Costa pings in way offshore, only 300 nautical miles from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge!!

Posted 04/07/2023 in OCEARCH,

March 31, 2023 Miss Costa pings in way offshore, only 300 nautical miles from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge!! It’s incredible that we are still able to track Miss Costa, as we studied her in September 2016. The average battery life for a SPOT tag lasts typically up to 5 years and we now have over 6 years of amazing data from her. When we sampled, tagged and released Miss Costa she was a sub-adult ...


Posted 02/10/2023 in OCEARCH,

February 1, 2023 In addition to assisting with studies on White Sharks, OCEARCH has helped researchers tag, sample and release 53 tiger sharks between expeditions in Australia in 2014-2015 and in the Western North Atlantic from 2016 - 2019. These tiger sharks were studied similarly to the white sharks, with tags applied to better understand their movements, and samples collected to understand the...

10-foot great white shark pinged off Destin coast - Andromache

Posted 12/12/2022 in OCEARCH,

10-foot great white shark pinged off Destin coast

By: Kimber Collins, WKRG NEWS 5

Posted: Dec 8, 2022 / 10:48 AM CST

Updated: Dec 8, 2022 / 09:30 PM CST

DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — A Great White Shark surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico south of the Destin shore Wednesday morning.

Andromache, a 341-pound sub-adult female breached the water sending location information to ...

Shark Tracker: Andromache Update

Posted 10/06/2022 in OCEARCH,

Andromache becomes the first shark to transition south for the season pinging in today off the Outer Banks! Last year she also made the move early, reaching the Outer Banks by the end of October. It'll be interesting to see if Andromache continues her journey south or if she will stop in North Carolina for a bit.

We just passed the Fall Equinox and factors such as the seasons ...

Ocearch's Most Famous Shark, Mary Lee

Posted 09/22/2022 in OCEARCH,

This weekend we've been looking back on one of OCEARCH's most famous sharks, Mary Lee.

"When we tagged Mary Lee and she proceeded to travel up and down the east coast and people tracked her and fell in love with her, it created interest in OCEARCH at a radical scale. Mary Lee saved OCEARCH. Everything that we have learned since then likely would have never occurred without her ...

Shark Tracker: Andromache

Posted 09/14/2022 in OCEARCH,

Andromache is still hanging out in the Bay of Fundy! She’s been swimming in this region for the past 2 weeks.

We met this female sub-adult white shark in August 2020 off Cape Cod, MA and she’s traveled over 10,500 miles since!

Track Andromache on the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker:

📸: Chris Ross
#FactsOverFear ...

White Shark Andromache Travels to Canadian Waters for the First Time

Posted 08/25/2022 in OCEARCH,

White shark Andromache travels to Canadian waters for the first time! After being tagged off Cape Cod in August 2020, we’ve seen her spend her past 2 summers and early fall in this region, but this morning she pinged in the Chignecto Bay off New Brunswick, Canada! We’re excited to see where she goes next. Track Andromache’s movements alongside our science team on the OCEARCH Global Shark ...

When sharks are present in an ecosystem...

Posted 08/10/2022 in OCEARCH,

July 29, 2022


When sharks are present in an ecosystem it is a positive sign of ocean health and abundance. As apex predators with diverse prey, sharks help prevent one species from monopolizing in a region, which then allows the overall diversity within an ecosystem to increase. Studies of marine areas with and without apex predators show ...


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