The cancel culture be damned

This is short, very clear, and right on point. i agree with every word.

Ron Autrey


The cancel culture be damned

By: Caroline Reynolds

April 20, 2021


I state the following points not because they are revelations or because I think my views are unique. I state them because it is imperative to demonstrate verbally that the far left is not going to shut us up just because they are aggressive and in power and we’re politically weak right now. The Constitution is important enough for me to take a bit of a risk, but it is inexcusable that I should feel any risk at all for expressing my opinions in this country. I know many are of the same mind but are cowed by all the rhetorical and physical violence currently in vogue. Here goes.

  • The border wall must be finished. Then we work on giving children of illegal immigrants consideration, but not until the wall is finished and the border secured. A country without defensible borders is not a sovereign country. Adult illegal immigrants should be deported and flying them back to their countries of origin is less expensive for the American taxpayer than supporting them here.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court should remain at 9. It has been at 9 for over 150 years and the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg did not think the court should be expanded and neither does outspoken, Democrat, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz. If 9 bright legal minds can’t come up with the correct decisions, what makes anyone believe that 13 would be any better?
  • Critical Race Theory is nothing more than racism against white people and an attempt to control them. Our regrettable past transgressions against blacks and their liberties, guaranteed by the Constitution and its amendments, can’t be cured with another transgression against whites.
  • Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline should be re-instated. President Biden’s killing of construction, directly and indirectly, ended tens of thousands of excellent jobs. Oil will continue to be produced in North America. If it does not travel through pipelines to our refineries, it will travel by rail and tanker truck which is environmentally more dangerous and expensive. If the oil is transported overseas, it puts us at a disadvantage economically and strategically with our competitors and enemies.
  • Voter identification verification is a must. The 2020 presidential election was stolen. It must not happen again. Of those polled (Rasmussen), more than 2 to 1 are in favor of voter ID.
  • Infringement of gun rights is off-limits, period.
  • Ditto reparations. I feel no guilt for slavery sins of the past. It’s over.
  • President Biden should take a mental acuity test and the results revealed to the public, just as President Trump did. Our country’s safety is at stake.
  • The Democrat mayors in cities where there are riots should not capitulate to such behavior. The police should be activated and backed – not defunded. The National Guard should be called in if the local police can’t handle the situation. This should have started in 2020 with the CHOP and Autonomous zones in Seattle. We are a country of laws. Without enforcement there is anarchy. Many innocent peoples’ lives are being ruined by mobs. Some have been killed.
  • Transgender persons should be able to identify any way they wish. However, genetics can’t be changed and transgender females should not be allowed to compete with biological females.

You may not agree with the above statements. So be it. The much more important point is that the common person such as I, a TV personality, CEO, or a student in high school or college is increasingly afraid to voice these opinions for fear of being shunned, investigated, fired, boycotted, or flunked. That means that this is no longer a free country. We must turn this around and continue to stand up and discuss controversial subjects without fear. Openly stating the opinions above is merely my way of saying, “the cancel culture be damned.”



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