The Proof is in the Packing

The Proof is in the Packing

By: Judd Garrett

Objectivity is the Objective

April 11, 2021


One does not have to look any further than the Democrats desire to pack the Supreme Court as evidence that massive voter fraud was committed in the 2020 election. The only reason for packing the Supreme Court is to gain absolute power. Adding two or four more justices to the Court does not make the court fairer and more just, does not help the Justices make more Constitutionally sound rulings. Nine justices is not an inadequate number. Cases are not being judged insufficiently due to a lack of justices on the Court. The only reason why the left wants to pack the Court is to swing its philosophical balance of power in their direction so they can ram their legislative agenda through unimpeded from Constitutional restraint. They want to turn the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for their agenda, and they do not care if doing so destroys the integrity of the court in the process, turning it into a kangaroo court like the courts in banana republics, or totalitarian countries.


In 1983, when Ronald Reagan was President, Joe Biden believed that packing the Supreme Court would be “a terrible, terrible mistake.” He went on to say that Franklin Roosevelt’s attempt to pack the court, “put in question, for an entire decade, the independence of the most significant body in this country: the Supreme Court of the United States of America.” Joe Biden, himself, believed that packing the court undermines the court’s integrity, but now here he is creating a commission to study packing the Supreme Court, because he knows it will give him unprecedented power.


So, how is packing the Supreme Court evidence of voter fraud? Everything the Democrats do is about obtaining power, and they will do anything, destroy anything to get it. They do not care about preserving the integrity of our institutions, like the court or our elections. If an uncorrupt system is getting in the way of them obtaining power, they will corrupt it. That is what they are doing with packing the Supreme Court, and that is what they did during the 2020 election. Removing voter ID, signature match and sending out millions of unrequested mail-in ballots had nothing to do with keeping people safe from Covid. There are no scientific studies concluding that showing a government issued ID or requiring voter’s signatures to match their signature on the voter roll transmits Covid. Yet, they did away with these voter integrity measures on the “emergency” grounds of combatting the transmission of Covid. Why does a state like New York have strict voter ID laws supported by Democrats? Because it is a solid blue state which will consistently vote for Democratic Presidents and Senators, so they want their elections to be fair, free from fraud.


Democrats’ push to eliminate the filibuster is further proof that they are willing to destroy every and any institution in this country to obtain power. In 2005, when the Republicans had all the power, Joe Biden believed ending the filibuster would be harmful to the country. He said, “It is not only a bad idea, it upsets the constitutional design and it disservices the country. No longer would the Senate be that different kind of legislative body that the Founders intended. No longer would the Senate be the saucer to cool the passions of the immediate majority.” But now, since ending the filibuster would give Biden and the Democrats absolute power, Biden has changed his mind. He no longer cares that it “disservices the country.” All he cares about is power. Democrats were not talking about removing the filibuster when they used it 327 times against the Republicans and President Trump. It is only now when they have all the power that they want to give the majority absolute power, and strip the remaining meager power from the minority, turning the United States into one party rule.


Nothing the Democrats want to do makes the United States better, stronger, fairer, more honest, more just. It is only about their power. Opening our southern border and allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into this country every month is bad for our country, it is bad for the countries these people are leaving, it is bad for American citizens, and it is bad, even deadly, for the illegal immigrants, themselves. But it is good for the Democrats and their unquenchable thirst for power, so they facilitate it. This massive influx of illegal immigrants, coupled with amnesty will add millions of Democrat voters in red states like Texas insuring not only Democrat permanent power but also the destruction of this country.


Everyone knows, political censorship violates the principles of free speech that is a vital necessity to a functioning democracy, but the Democrats will not do anything to stop the political censorship by Facebook and Twitter because it helps them obtain and maintain political power. They do not care if censorship is bad for the country, if it gives them more power, they will support it. The destruction and carnage from the riots of 2020 in our major cities were devastating to our country, but Democrats like Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden supported, and even abetted the riots because the violence and instability increased the Democrats chances in the election.

Democrats have no problem with destroying the Supreme Court through court packing, destroying the Senate through eliminating the filibuster, destroying our cities through riots, why would anyone think they would have qualms about destroying the integrity of the vote, especially since they removed measures protecting the vote on fraudulent grounds? They cannot legitimately win the type of power they need to push through their unpopular agenda, so, rather than representing the will of the people like honest politicians do to win votes, they choose to change, or more accurately fundamentally transform the country, which means fundamentally corrupt our institutions like the Supreme Court, the legislative process, and the vote. They are not adjusting to the will of the people and the country; they are bending the country to fit their agenda.


Once these systems become corrupted, they become almost impossible to uncorrupt, especially if the corruption is the root of the powerful’s power. But who wants to be in charge of a corrupt government? Who wants to be put in power through corruption? What they do not realize is that they will end up like those corrupt emperors of Rome during its decline, like Nero and Caligula, to whom the history books are not very kind.

Democrats only want power, power, and more power. They act as if they are not human, as if they are immune to temptations of power that afflict the rest of us mortals; greed, selfishness, ego. The blind arrogance and utter lack of self-awareness is staggering. Why is it that it is always the least enlightened who believe and act as if they are the most enlightened? They look down on the rest of us as deplorable bigots clinging to our guns and bibles. No wonder they think they can override, and negate our votes. They believe their corruption and fraud is saving the country from ourselves. It is all delusional arrogance.


The 2021 Democrats are the very reason why the founders crafted and ratified our Constitution the way they did with limits on politicians, and created a system of separate and balanced power. They knew the likes of them were coming in our country’s future. That’s why they created the system designed to protect the country and our institutions from politicians like the Democrats who are willing to destroy our system of government to enhance their power. Eventually, the Democrats will want to destroy the Constitution because it will be the last thing standing in their way from ultimate power, the ultimate power that will destroy our country.



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