What’s in a Name?

What’s In a Name?

Sometimes, social cleavage, anti-diversity, and other assaults on wokeness.

by Joe & Faye King

October 6, 2020


……………”Black Lives Matter could have been an organization dedicated to the uplifting of black families and lives by opposing all the pathologies that held them back. They could have stood up for really improving educational opportunities; for advocating for policies that strengthen black families and the nurturing of black children; and for leaders that focus on eliminating systemic crime and neighborhood decay. They could have joined in the effort to increase black employment and business ownership, instead of plundering businesses and neighborhoods that are vital to the day to day existence and tranquility of all lives.


In short, they could have embraced the principle that All Lives Should Matter in America, and helped lead the effort to realize that ideal. They could have been a force for unity, instead of division and violence in the streets. They could have been a voice and a force for good, instead of discord, destruction, and chaos.


How sad, and ultimately, how detrimental to America’s future, that they are not.”

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