Sometimes I Wonder


BY: Hal Morris

August 8, 2020


Have you ever wondered why a voter would be attracted to Joe Biden? I did. When you look at his background and accomplishments to date, nothing stands out. If anything emerges, it is his failure to accomplish anything of significance. The one achievement touted is the Biden/ Hatch Crime bill he co-sponsored, which he now disavows. This bill later became the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, passed in 1994.


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the incarceration of Blacks and Brown people occurs at a much higher rate. If senators Biden and Hatch had a goal of incarcerating more Black per 100,000 residents, they succeeded gloriously. In 2018 the number State and Federal Inmates per 100,000 were approximately Black 1200, Hispanic 600, White 300. The current incarceration rate increased budgets and crowding in all our prison systems and obliterated any chance of felons’ genuine rehabilitation.


Since the bill’s passage, politicians on both sides of the aisle, together with various civil rights groups, agreed that the results of the legislation were too severe, were prejudicial, and should be changed. During Vice-President Biden’s eight years in office, under President Barack Obama, the first elected Black President, no effort was initiated by Biden or Obama to lead a response to modify the law or reform the bill.Yet today, Biden and his supporters profess fears over the harsh racially prejudicial sentences meted out by the act he co-sponsored. Responding to the many concerns expressed, President Trump led the recent movement to correct the law’s inequities. It didn’t take him eight years to act. He accomplished the passage of a reform bill during his first three years in office. The reform act passed with bipartisan support and immediately signed into law by President Trump. Yet the former VP Joe Biden dares to state in public that President Trump is “the first racist President” of the United States. Biden is a hypocrite.


While a senator from Delaware, Joe Biden joined forces with the other senate segregationists to oppose busing and the integration of schools. Senator Biden closely associated himself with Senator Byrd of West Virginia, who joined the KKK in 1946 and was a high official in the Klan. Biden, upon Senator Byrd’s death, eulogized the senator upon his death. Biden never renounced Byrd’s segregationist views or membership in the Klan. President Trump repeatedly denies segregation, supports school choice, two significant issues that Biden opposes. Yet, to many in the media and Democratic/Socialists, President Trump is considered a racist.


As a Senator, Biden was the chairperson of the influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee. During his chairmanship, he was accused of a troubling tendency to embellish his contributions to American Foreign Policy and plagiarize speeches and articles. Robert Gates, a respected secretary of defense under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, wrote in his memoir that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” For example, he opposed the raid against Osama bin Laden and insisted that the “Taliban per se is not our enemy.” He voted against the gulf war in 1991 and for the Iraq war in 2003. He then stated his opposition to both yes votes.


In retrospect, as a Senator and Vice President, Joe Biden was seldom a major factor in the development of America’s foreign policy during his years as chairperson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee or Vice-President under Obama. Who can ever forget his contributions and support for the revolution in Libya and his support of the lies over the killing of our ambassador in the consulate’s disaster in Benghazi?


His involvement, with an incredible Iran deal, sending pallets of cash to Iran clandestinely during the middle of the night, is a classic example of diplomatic bribery. Joe Biden supported that venture, which accomplished absolutely nothing towards ending Iran’s investment into becoming a nuclear power. The agreement enhanced Iran’s support for aggression towards Israel and other mid-east allies and threatened United States troops in the region.


A better example of his ineptitude is his work and constant support for China as a senator and vice president. The former vice president has been a strong advocate for China, especially its entrance into global commerce via his lobbying for China’s gaining “Most Favored Nation” trade status and World Trade Organization membership. Whenever opposition arose over China’s failure on human rights, or fair trade practices or labor conditions, Biden as Chairperson, a senior member, or vice president managed to block any censorship. As a result, many workers in the United States suffered from job losses while human rights issues floundered in China.


What Biden accomplished as Obama’s point man on China, was to ignore the many waves of abuse China commits daily. He was instrumental in advising the Obama administration’s development of an appeasement strategy to cover China’s cyber aggression, cyber hacking, and construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea. In contrast, Trump immediately recognized the danger and threat that China’s posed to the world.


Their incursion into international waters, threatening free shipping lanes, and reducing access to international shipping lanes violates many years of open international shipping lanes free to the world. By extending its coastline through the construction of artificial islands, China claims control over established shipping lanes. Much of the global commerce that takes place travels through these waters.


While the Obama administration sat and pontificated, Trump took immediate action. He imposed sanctions and brought the situation to the United Nations. He quickly took efforts to renegotiate trade agreements with China. Biden and the Obama administration did nothing to stop or discipline China’s actions. In fact, during the 2020 campaign Biden called out Trump for being too severe on China.


During the Obama administration, the media was aware that Vice President Biden and his son Hunter were involved in “backroom” negotiations with Chinese businesses. Recently released bank records revealed that Vice President Biden assisted Hunter in funneling over 1.5 billion dollars in foreign money through his sons’ companies.


While today, candidate Biden disavows human rights abuses and international abuses of treaties and agreements, while operating in the highest positions of power, he did nothing to counter China’s violation of rules and regulations designed to prevent China’s subversion of treaties and agreements.

Today, as a result of the previous administration’s malaise, the United States government and American businesses face China’s increased, ongoing efforts to steal research and security data and subvert our electoral processes.


Interestingly, while Biden’s policy of warmer ties with China hurt American workers, the Biden family did quite well. Hunter Biden, the vice president’s son, accompanied him during his 2013 trip to China. Hunter traveled with him on Air Force One even though he wasn’t a member of the American delegation. After the visit, Hunter suddenly became a member of the executive board of a large Shanghai company earning a large salary. Later after his father left office, Hunter also became an investor in the company. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When President Trump exposed the dangers to the world’s security systems due to China’s penetration via the telecommunications industry, Joe Biden criticized Trump as being excessive. When President Trump imposed travel restrictions on China, as a consequence of their duplicity, in the coronavirus spread, Biden called Trump’s action as “hysterical xenophobia.” However, President Trump’s quick response brought us time to prepare and deal with the epidemic’s spread. Something Candidate Biden, given his track record, could not have done.


Biden’s supportive stance on China, today, comes when China faces worldwide condemnation for stealing intellectual property from private and governmental sources in the United States and abroad. One of the salient factors contributing to China’s surge as a mega economic power was the intervention of Senator/VP Joe Biden in the granting of China’s Most Favored Nation status. Many speculate that Biden’s family financial benefits, derived from Hunter Biden’s involvement, are questionable in the least. Despite his son utilizing their relationship, which Biden forwarded well over a billion dollars through his son’s businesses, Biden defends his decisions that enable China to become a geopolitical power.


Today Candidate Biden says, “A rising China is a positive development for China and the United States.” Really? Tell that to the Tibetans, Uighurs, and Hong Kong citizens who face China’s duplicity every day. Tell that to the untold United States workers on unemployment because they lost jobs to cheap labor in Chinese factories. The bottom line is that China and the United States will be competing strategically and economically during the rest of our century. Success in this competition will determine the future of our country. As candidate Biden reportedly said, “Come on, man, I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks…they’re not competition for us.” Can we afford to elect a man who is so naive to the presidency of the United States?

We need to be led by a president who understands the dangers that China portends for the United States and the world. A President that is not afraid to make the right decisions. Making decisions is relatively easy; it’s making the right decisions that count. Joe Biden has a record of “never being right.” He has repeatedly stood on the wrong side of most foreign policy decisions.


As Vice President, Biden represented the president in overseeing the task of assisting Ukraine in their defense of the Russian incursion into Crimea. At the same time, Biden involved himself in an ongoing Ukraine’s investigation of an energy company (Burisma) that his son Hunter was on the executive board of directors. Hunter also parlayed his father’s involvement in Ukraine by suddenly becoming a director of the company’s board, at a monthly salary of $50,000. Biden proclaims that he did nothing wrong.


Hunter is probably doing quite well, in contrast to workers laid off in the United States and the fired Ukrainian Prosecutor. His firing came because of Vice President Biden, who was tape-recorded, bragging to reporters, that he would withhold aid monies from Ukraine unless the Prosecutor got fired. Prosecutor did get fired, which slowed the investigation to a snail’s crawl. Of course, the friendly media did not exploit the relationships or Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine. When President Trump moved to expose the mess, Democratic/Socialists in Congress investigated Trump, accused of financial improprieties. The impeachment articles, sent to the Senate, were defeated.

Joe Biden’s candidacy is a fraud. It is as much a fraud as his papers, articles, and speeches were when he got caught plagiarizing. Thanks to technology, we see firsthand his strong support on issues that he now disavows. He’ll promise anything to be elected.


After trying five times, Biden winning the nomination of the Democratic/Socialist Party was a cakewalk when one reviews the lack of decent available candidates competing for the appointment. Now we await the choice of his Vice-President. The excitement builds because the only qualification he announced is that it must be a Black female. That declaration is just plain identity politics, pure and simple.


Why only a Black female? He needs to hold the Black population’s votes if he is to win the election. Since the 2016 election, President Trump made significant inroads in reducing the Democrats/Socialist party pluralities across the country.

His immediate announcement before he received the formal endorsement or nomination is the basic political pandering of identity politics. Potential Black female VP candidates, so far, haven’t demonstrated any experience in governing a large organization private or public. At this date, their main attraction is that they are Black. Remember Biden’s famous line when running against Barack Obama about Obama being a nice looking, clean Black man who spoke “nice.”


Joe Biden hides in his basement, rarely speaking to a hostile press. If he speaks to a news outlet, he scripts his answers and limits the questions asked. Listening to his rare comments, one becomes as confused as he seems to be. The shame of a compliant press, covering up his confusing responses and inconsistencies, isn’t only alarming but also embarrassing. He makes few public appearances, probably at the urging of his party. His gaffs and misspoken statements are great for late-night talk show entertainment. You can bet that China and Russia and Iran will salivate over his winning the presidency.

On the other hand, whether on the way to a meeting, helicopter, or a cabinet meeting, Despite the press’ hostility, he stands tall, speaking without a script with a command of the subject and facts to support his positions. A Comparison of leadership styles gives Trump a distinct advantage in all respects. Why, after fifty years of trying, should anyone believe Joe Biden is finally ready to assume the presidency. What has he accomplished to deserve the highest office in the world? His record is clear, nothing.

One conclusion reached in a Quora article entitled “What Are Joe Biden’s Major Accomplishments,” says that Biden and his son Hunter expected that with Hillary’s win, the gravy train would continue. With her loss to a populist President Trump, the gravy train stopped. When that occurred, the ex VP realized that his finances plummeted. Given the attention that his son Hunter was now receiving, Biden opted to run and win to stop the bleeding. It’s all about the money.


Since his son can no longer leverage foreign entities, it becomes easy to see that Biden is eager to obtain the kind of wealth that the Clintons, Obama’s, Bushes, and other prominent political families enjoy. Joe Biden is an opportunist; he is in it for the money. The Democrat/Socialist Party has no one else with any credibility or name recognition. Outside of far-left Warren and very far-left Sanders, they now try to portray Biden as a moderate candidate even though he has adopted the far-left Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren platform on which he will have to campaign during his bid for the presidency. But that’ll be easy for Joe Biden to do since he has no real beliefs.

Biden isn’t a moderate. He stands for whatever anyone wants him to be. Contrary to Biden, President Trump stands for what he believes and tells you so. In an op-ed in the WSJ, former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said, “Mr. Biden abandoned his decade long support for the Hyde Amendment, restricting federal funding for abortion.” He goes on to state…” and promises to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide employees with insurance for contraception and abortifacients.” (WSJ 8/20).


After receiving an inheritance from his father, President Donald Trump built a business that expanded into a multi-million-dollar corporation. He is wealthy on his own and became president without being beholden to large money PACs or corporate donors. He works for the grand sum of $1.00 per year, donating his $400,000 salary to charitable causes. The opposition continuously criticizes him for using the presidency to gain wealth. It ignores the facts that his businesses have suffered because he is not actively operating them. In contrast, Biden is beholden to PAC money and large donations from hidden donors.


Donald Trump is his own man, beholden to no one, but the American Dream. He believes in this country’s strengths, supports law and order, revers our military, its veterans, and committed to abolishing the entrenchment of civil servants and career politicians who cohabit “The Political Swamp.” President Trump doesn’t apologize for our past; he works to correct injustices and believes in the Greatness of our country.

Under the most difficult of times, President Trump has delivered to the American People what he has promised. His opposition, as a result of their losing an election they were “supposed” to win, started a campaign to unseat the president before he was even inaugurated. They work day and night tirelessly to obstruct his efforts. With a cooperative media, at their disposal, no longer a free, unbiased press, they spread untruths, distort, and vigorously attempt to smear him.


Investigation after investigation consistently reveals nothing but their hoax upon America. Because the Democrat/Socialists control the House of Representatives, they can spend millions of wasted taxpayer dollars that could have been better used to improve our infrastructure, health care, or provide jobs. But no, they decided to try and scandalize a sitting president they could not defeat in a free election. Their approach to the coming presidential election grounded on identity politics and a smear campaign they are so comfortable in utilizing.


President Trump believes in this country, its values, and its freedoms. He is anything but a fraud; if anything, he is direct and to the point – the real thing. His strength is that he is a businessman, astute in world affairs, and is not apologetic for America’s success. He deserves reelection so he can continue to “clean the swamp.”



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