The difference between Communist China and the United States is threatening and staggering.

February, 16, 2023
The difference between Communist China and the United States is threatening and staggering. Their military is growing while ours is shrinking. They win the metrics battle of who has the most warships, the largest infantry, the most nuclear missile silos, the newest technology, and the most focused, steadfast, approach to global dominance that is insular to the qualities of goodness and coexistence, that we as a dis-jointed America profess to maintain.
While we talk of and contemplate what a woman is, and the fluidity of what loyalty and citizenship looks like, they cut their social programs by reducing not the benefits, but the beneficiaries by genocide.
We passively look the other way as our Country’s founding values and laws are dismantled and outlawed. Our president is a geriatric misguided and failed leader well beyond the deficit value he previously possessed.
We are at a dangerous intersection in international relations. Our credibility tanked after the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Our economy tanked after the botched response to the pandemic. While the smartest minds in government focus on doomed green energy plans, the world is teetering perilously on the edge of global war.
The new house leadership suffers from centralized control that mimics the Democratic party it replaced. The voices of our legislators are silenced by the party leadership and censored by the press.
A friend recently said I should take action, not just post on Facebook. I have and will continue to do so. My “Autrey Research” efforts are focused on solutions that provide drinking water in disasters. My time over the next few months will be used up by sharing my policy views with State and Federal legislators When the fan is overwhelmed with excrement, I will eat, drink, and protect my family. I am not crazy or delusional. I will likely be censored after this post, and probably placed on the FB watchlists.
All that said, I just completed a wonderful 75,000 word memoir titled “All the Times I Died”. I have two more books in progress. “Imagination” is an exploration of the power of the human and animal mind in the context of quantum science and human existence. The other is an exciting fiction novel about service in military intelligence, linked emotionally with the lives of three Army Officers fighting for survival in Sinope, Turkey_Cyprus and Shimya, Alaska.
Standby, I am not crazy, but It is an option.
God Bless
Photo Credit: Sea Salt Photography


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