Letter to President Biden

Letter to President Biden April 2nd, 2023
Dear President Biden,
I remember when you were a city councilman pandering to young voters in your bid for the U.S. Senate in 1972. You were locked in battle with Shell oil Company over the construction of a new refinery. Later in 1976 you joined Senators Bayh and Hart and other democratic legislators to go after the 18 largest oil companies to vertically slice their businesses into multiple smaller companies. You and others argued this would create more competition and lower prices. It didn’t.
Standard Oil saw vertical divestiture in 1911 when The Supreme Court broke the company into seven companies and ultimately into 37 different entities. That wasn’t enough for the Democratic legislators that followed. It should have been.
I admit, I admired your youthful articulate skills in conducting hearings in the early seventies. Today I question why you were so focused on Big Oil, while your opponents argued that breaking up the 18 largest oil companies in 1976 would increase oil prices and our dependence on foreign oil. At the time it seemed like you were in alignment with environmentalists. Now I wonder if the Biden family was tied to foreign interests way back in the seventies.
History shows that we subsequently faced horrific inflation in the late seventies through the Carter years. Our dependence on Iranian oil was also evident to the world and every American family at the local gas pumps.
When you successfully ran for President in 2020, I did not see an articulate informed political leader. Actually, we didn’t see much of you at all. You had my empathy because I saw an aging politician who had outlived his effectiveness as a political figure. I thought surely your family would step in and pull you back to reality. It didn’t happen.
Now here you are again going after the oil industry with all the power of the United States Presidency. The existential threat of global warming, excuse me, climate change is the basis for your leadership role in the Green New Deal. Same song, same pandering for votes, same failed foreign policies. So, buying oil from Venezuela is your answer? There is not enough Prevagen in the country to save you from this colossal failure.
I do not like you because of how you picked your cabinet and other political appointees based not on superior talent and past service, but on sex, skin color, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We are paying a price for their incompetence and their failed administration of doomed policies.
I do not like you because you sold out the American public when you opened the Southern Border. Appointing VP Kamala as Border Czar was ludicrous to the point of public laughter. The confirmation of Alejandro Mayorkas was another scene in the tragic puppet show of the Biden administration. His incompetence and duplicity are exceeded only by your own. We will follow the puppet strings, not his, yours! We will find out who you are beholding to. The old phrase “follow the money” is still the best path toward justice.
I do not like you because you have been compromised by foreign interests. This corruption has undermined the standing of the United States on the world stage. I have never feared more for the security of our nation and my own personal well-being than right now; and it’s all on you.
I do not like you because you took a robust economy and an elevated plateau of international respect, and incompetently and irresponsibly destroyed it. You and your party have politicized our educational system. You and your accomplices have weaponized our system of justice. You and your liberal predecessors have destroyed the department of justice and the FBI. The cancer of no bail-no crime-no prosecution has infected the most iconic cities in America. Your lack of leadership has idled reasonable enforcement of local, state, and federal laws. Now those failed cities and states have their hand out for help with runaway crime.
I do not like you because you have a twisted notion that hard working law abiding citizens in well run states should now bail out the ugly crime ridden cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York, and Chicago. You use the same iniquitous logic when you push for working Americans who never went to college to payoff the student loans of irresponsible students floundering in their unproductive disciplines.
I do not like you because you are crooked. We will find the truth. We will restore justice and due process. The next decade will bring forth revelations of the wrongdoings buried under democrat rule. Writers and honest unbiased investigators will uncover the ugly truth and corrupt deeds of multiple administrations.
I do not like you because you are a pathetic liar. You claim to have strong Catholic values; you do not. You say you are for the “working man and woman”; you are not. You condemn racism but your past reveals the lie.
I do not like you because you could have simply retired and kept your misdeeds and ill-gotten wealth hidden. Instead, you are taking our great nation down with you. Your legacy could have been benignly and obscurely posted in history as a servant of the people for five continuous decades. Instead, the timeline will read like a doomed political journey with a calamitous ending for yourself and the country who employed you.
It would be a waste of effort and paper for me to suggest that you admit your crimes and misdeeds and step down from office. I believe that you have no more control over your exit from the Presidency than you had in the secretive manipulated entry into the White house.
Dear God, give us the wisdom and strength to persevere and prevail over the forces that will do us harm. Forgive us of our sins and bring forth a world of new leadership and goodness to restore the soul of “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”
Ron Autrey
self anointed writer


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