The State of Affairs

The State of affairs

By Ron Autrey

May 10th, 2021

It is past time to acknowledge that we have a new crisis and It is not climate change. The leader of the new world is a Dim Wit! Don’t take my word for it. listen to his speeches. Listen to the news media from around the world.

The fraudulently elected Biden is not competent to be President of the United States. Sadly, his Vice President Harris is also not qualified and was summarily rejected receiving only 2% of the vote in the Presidential Democratic primary. Not to mention the immoral lifestyle that led her to political prominence.

So here we sit. China is on the move, and aggressively pressing their imperialistic agenda with expansion of power, geography, and airspace. Russia now knows it can move freely against it’s neighbors. Russia is building its own satellite Country on the North Pole and Santa Claus is not welcome. The Russian pipeline projects are full steam ahead. North Korea is giddily building bombs and missiles and planning their own misdeeds. Iran continues to plan for the destruction of the world.

Meanwhile, now that our Statues are down and our history is obliterated by woke minded anarchists, we are bankrupting the greatest economy in the history of the world with unproven, mind-numbing climate change policies and doomed-to-fail socialistic financial plans.

I, along with you, do not really know who is calling the shots. You can bet it is not Biden or Harris. The voices we hear are sport idiots and retarded liberal minds on TV that speak in social mandates with no real knowledge to back up their outrageous claims. The Muslims in Congress now pale in comparison to the ignorant new generation of woke underaged and inexperienced politicians.

Some of us grew up as Catholics, or Protestants, or in the Jewish faith. We were taught and maintained moral guides for decent living. Our mothers and fathers instilled (demanded) adherence to the laws of God and Country. Police officers were respected and properly obeyed. Judges were reverent and fair. Leadership was a virtue and generously applied by successful businessmen and professionals on behalf of their families and neighbors. Today that is all lumped together in the bucket of so called white privilege.

Young men and women went to college and trade schools or enlisted in the military to serve their county. We as a people decreed and condemned racial discrimination. As a young nation we embraced change.

We did not invent it and were not the only country that employed slavery of black Africans. But we as white Countrymen fought and died to abolish slavery in our country. We later embraced the wisdom and words of Martin Luther King as we continued to purge our nation of hateful racism.

The technology developed in the 50’s and 60’s was the bedrock for the technological windstorm we are living in today. The 600 year old corollaries of science and mathematics coupled with American ingenuity and drive pushed us productively into the 21st Century.

We have built a country with near equal opportunity for people of all races, all competencies, color, sex , or inclinations toward art, music, or STEM based study. We are not equal in those competencies, nor will we ever be.

Turtles do not fly, short people don’t play in the NBA. An Aristotle or Einstein only comes around every few hundred years. Many of us are just average__above average, below average, or just straddling the median qualities of existence.


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