Covid Diagnosis

Dear Friends,

I am guilty. Guilty of sharing sweet scented statistics that paint the Covid crisis with muted colors. I present them in a way that says we are all okay_ it will all pass. It is more likely to be a psychological defense to onslaught of terrible outcomes and possibilities that we are bombarded with every day. Like most half full glasses, we either look for salvation, or predict doom. Today, I chose salvation, and I share it with you here.

When someone you know receives a positive COVID test result, everything changes. The construction of an insurmountable wall begins. You cannot go over or around it, only through it. You do not know what is on the other side, and if you will ever see the other side.

Surrounded by paper gowns and face shields, the human touch is now without warmth or comfort. Your family is a memory from the day before. Your focus is narrowed to breathing and wondering what comes next. The outcomes are not choices. The caregivers know more about what is happening, and not as much about what will come. Family members are held back. If you see them in the cadre of gowned visitors, you will rightfully know that things are not going well.

If you are among the stricken, along with your family and friends, I will diligently pray for your recovery. If you have been blessed with the avoidance of this mindless affliction, I urge you to reach out and tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Tonight, hold the one on the pillow next you and don’t let go. Make it known that they are your everything.

We pray, but know that for life’s sustaining needs, God has given us the will, and the ability, to serve each other and ourselves. We live because the farmer brings life to the soil. We live well, with the science that evolves constantly around us. We heal, because the of the God given skills and minds of the great Physicians. We live safe from harm, while the steadfast and bold warriors and police protectors shield us from evil.

When I say we are Blessed, it means far more than the word alone. We are blessed to have each other in this life. We are blessed by our creator that gave us the ability to provide for ourselves and others. In this horrible time of strife and disease, lets come together, and make our path through life clear, for ourselves, and others that follow.

With all my Heart,

Ron Autrey

May 5th, 2021


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