The Big lie

“The Big lie”

By Ron Autrey

April 23rd, 2021


The way things are going in Washington today, Wikipedia will have to rewrite the definition of “Bizarre” At every turn, normal right minded Americans are witnessing the destruction of family and American values. The norms and mores of our society are being dismantled and obliterated by the liberal elites.


It is self destruction by people ignorant and uncaring about the predictable outcomes. History will indeed repeat itself. Racial discrimination is a side order on a much larger menu.

The ignorance and intolerance of the coalition of billionaires, news sources, and the corrupt and incompetent political leaders that are reshaping our history and directing our future with policies proven to be disastrous to personal freedoms, productivity, and prosperity__ that is what keeps me awake at night.


Pay attention my fellow Americans. We must stand together as a voice. If you are a leader, then lead. If your are a voice, then speak. If you are a parent, then teach your children the values that sustain life and society. If you are a voter, vote.

I love life and the people in it. I try to avoid hating others. There may come a time when we must draw lines. Lines and wars are ugly scars in our history.


I pray that we can repair our system of elections. It is fundamental to our governance and freedom. For those that continue to say that our belief that Old Joe didn’t get 80 million votes is the “Big Lie” , I say you are wrong and misguided. The truth will ultimately prevail. It is God’s way and the path to salvation for the human race. It is the price we may have to pay for the truth to prevail, that is my concern.


Ron Autrey



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