Life’s Cycle

– By Ron Autrey

April 9th, 2021

Modern life can be so time consuming with its recurring tedium and never ending distractions. I never have the time to pursue the things I truly want to do__write, read, and visit with friends. Friends I have known for decades end to end, and new friends I’ve yet to meet.

The time to ponder the complexity of mankind’s journey and the enormity of the universe we live in is beyond my reach. Then it all ends before we come to the obscure destination we think we are marching toward.

To those that have truly achieved a simple life, you have my astonishment, and genuine admiration.

I pray that if only for a day or two, here and there, now and then, the whitewater calms itself and lays placid among smooth rolling swells.

Perhaps tomorrow is that day, or the next……


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