COVID -19 DEATHS – Leadership Failures at the Top

– By Ron Autrey
April 2nd, 2021

Like many of you, I am now acutely concerned about the death toll from the Corona Virus. Many people claim that President Trump is to blame for the 194,000 deaths from Covid-119. Now that I take a closer look, I think you may be right. Consider all the other deaths that could have been prevented if we only had better political leadership.

As a university graduate with a business degree, and someone who at one time, unsuccessfully applied to the finest medical schools in the country, I feel uniquely qualified and obligated to share my best advice regarding your healthcare and the management of serious diseases. You need my help and the system is broken. People are dying from serious illnesses every day.

Last year in the United States, over 2.8 million souls were lost to just fifteen major diseases. Heart disease alone killed nearly 650,000 people. Malignant Cancer deaths topped 600,000. Total deaths from pneumonia, hypertension, and liver disease climbed to over 100,000 deaths.

Many of these diseases are treatable and can be managed with proper care and guidance. When you develop a simple cold, do not be lured into over-the-counter therapies costing $20 dollars and more. Colds are a serious Human Corona Virus. Type 229E, OC43, and HKU1 can cause runny noses, sore throat, headaches, and cough. Call your City Council representative and demand to know the current statistics and analysis pertaining to these disruptors to your quality of life.

More serious contagions like Influenza require escalated treatment plans. Thirty-Five million people contract the flu in America each year and 35,000 die from this aliment. If you experience Flu symptoms, call the Mayor’s office immediately. Get the most up to date statistics and ask your Mayor to go on television and warn the public. Tell him to host daily Flu Symposiums and talk about how hopeless our chances for survival are.

If you have Heart Disease, do not waste precious time at local clinics and hospitals. Go directly to the Governor’s office and demand action. Speak out loudly in a partisan way. Condemn the right wing lies about how hospitals and cardio-vascular surgeons can help you. They are part of the conspiracy. The Governor can appoint a Task Force and even create a State-wide Commission to study your disease and create a new vaccine!

In the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with malignant CANCER. Skip the Mayo and Sloan Kettering Clinics. Call your U.S. Congressman. Tell him to address the House and filibuster for a relief package. You are not alone in your battle. If all 1.8 million people diagnosed with Cancer in the U.S. this year, email and twitter the DNC, and demand Congressional action, it will happen; not in your lifetime, but I promise it will make a difference.

For all fatal disease diagnoses, do not wait for the most incredibly advanced healthcare system in the world to help you. This is why you elected wealthy politicians to serve pompously in the insulated utopia of Washington D.C. It is their job to pander to the dying, and to place the blame where it rightfully belongs, at the Oval Office. The President is why you are sick and dying. You did not ask for this to happen. Work hard to elect a new President that can cure the common cold, and end heart disease and cancer forever.

Finally, if you have been out marching and protesting every night, and have now tested positive for COVID -19, the House and Senate can no longer help you. The CDC and best Doctors and Clinics have failed you. Don’t listen to the lying physicians telling you to take Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Dexamethasone. Sure, some people got better taking these drugs, but you cannot be to careful. You have done all that you can. You went all the way to the President of the United States for your healthcare and treatment plans. Now you know that the President has failed you.

For future patients and all those suffering from preventable but fatal disease and un-expected trauma from gunshot wounds, skip the regimens prescribed by notable physicians easily found nation-wide. Alas, you can also no longer rely on your political leaders to provide proper and effective healthcare. Reach to the upper levels of providence, where the Billionaire Prophets hover in the highest plane of human existence. It is there you will find the future and the blissful co-existence of Kings and their eight billion minions.

Folks, we are blessed with practitioners of the most advanced medical science in the world. You can find the best doctors and hospitals for your healthcare in every city center. Find hope and faith and the blessing of peace from your God and his teachings. You will also find him hard at work in hospitals around the world.

….Yea though I walk through the valley

of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil, for thou art with me,

Thy rod and thy staff,

they comfort me….

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow

me all the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of the lord



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