Voting for American Values

By Ron Autrey
December 2nd, 2020

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noun: anomaly; plural noun: anomalies

  1. something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

“there are a number of anomalies in the present system”

The Presidential election had anomalies. Statistical impossibilities, intuitively obvious deviations from expected outcomes, and untimely and unbelievable late night shifts in predicted extrapolations of historically proven voter tabulation trends. “Nothing there , move on”

Unprecedented gains in voter turnout produced unprecedented gains in the share of votes from people of color_ people from the undecided mass_hispanics, elderly, and voters from normally liberal States. Union members, when the analysis is complete, will also show unprecedented shifts toward conservative candidates. They were not voting for conservative agendas vs the liberal, they were voting for American Values that they held personally close to their heart_the soul of the American People.

“Nothing there, move on”

The truth will surface as a dead corpse rises after a tragic drowning. The blame may or may not be justly or timely adjudicated. It will be up to us, the American people, the citizens of the greatest democratic republic in the recorded history of the world, to uphold the written and recorded standards set in place in our Constitution by the founding fathers of our great country.

Film clips and clever soliloquy by learned men will not squelch the human desire for truth and justice. Evil must not prevail over mankind’s God given vision and quest for justice, fairness, and the pursuit of happiness. We will not be settled until the fairness that only the truth can provide, has settled upon our Nation.

We cannot rely solely on the current news sources or the diseminations from government agencies to satisfy our quest for the truth. The harder question and challenge before us is who shall administer the final justice. The gamble is a predictable loss without the majority support of our citizenry.

The amateur mis-guided and fractional effort demostrated on February 6th by ludicrous actors was wrong and led by forces that were functionally decrepit and not appropriate for the real challenge. Noble, brave, and infallible statesmen are collectively needed to assemble an undeniable force commanding attention on the world’s stage.

To stand idly by and let a fraudulent election stand lends support to the corruption that will without doubt be repeated. Regardless of who the perpetrators are, the search for truth and justice must prevail or we will be lost as a people and as a free republic.

So many times each day, the liberal communicators say there is “no proof”

As the corpse is discovered in a deceased state, the lack of proof of cause of death does not change the outcome for the undeniably dead soul. Without a thorough and multi-state investigation at a forensic level, we will never know the truth, only the forbearance of the death of it.

Finally to my liberal friends and those quick to assign labels of dillusionment and ignorance to opposing views and theories, take your own directives and seek out the truth. Compare your findings with my own. To settle for your own intuitively guided resolutions is no better than frailties you judge me upon.

God Bless America and all the people it holds. Thank you to our imperfect founders for our freedoms, our flag, and our pride that stands as a beacon to all others.


Ron Autrey


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