The Most Important Decision in 2020

– By Ron Autrey

October 28th, 2020

Good morning Friends. I hope you and your family are healthy and looking forward to this day and all that follow. I know some of you are struggling. Some of you face financial pressures that threaten your daily life and existence. Others are simply overwhelmed by the pandemic and the economic problems it has caused. I do believe prayer to our God and savior will help you. I also know that there are people and organizations that can help make your life more bearable. Perhaps you have a close friend or a family member that can help you get back on track and connect you with others. Figuring out the Local, State, and Federal assistance programs can be a daunting task; help is available.

To all, I encourage your thoughtful evaluation of the ballot choices before you today. This pivotal juncture in the History of America provides the most important decisions we have ever faced. Do not look for perfection. Look for a choice that supports the direction and future that you want for yourself and your family. Tell your young voters to listen to successful people that run families and businesses. Young inexperienced radical political voices and their blinded followers will mislead you. Their proposals have been tried and have failed consistently throughout the history of civilization.

There are so many things that I could copy paste and share, that address the political issues and decisions that we are faced with. Most of you have already seen the bulk of them. I could republish a long list of the things that the ill-defined Democratic Party claims as their platform. Pelosi says one thing and does another. AOC says everything and does nothing. Candidate Biden swings with the political wind and the spare audiences he encounters. If elected he will have no voice and will be overrun by the socialist minded anarchists that muster violently in their sanctuaries.

In a Harris-Biden administration, the single minded long sitting politicians will gather in mass to push whatever agendas and legislation that will most likely get them re-elected again. The loud voice of ignorant socialist congress members, will drive a virtual social media train throughout America. It will appear to the world that America is lost and transforming to a conglomeration of disjointed political suicides.

Life in the United States will distill into civil unrest on both sides of the equation. One side armed with guns and conservative values wishing for the old America they grew up in__ The other side armed with the remnants of government agencies and ineffective congressional houses lost in a quagmire of one failed idea after another.

Civil War? Possibly– but not before an incredibly bloody and disastrous uprising against a confused military led by the despotic Harris dragging demented Biden by a chain. The result would not be a victorious right wing group taking back the Country. It will be an unrecognizable conflagration of failed social policies and a bottomed-out economy. Shortages of every staple and basic need will be the norm. Survival will be the quest for most American families. (ie, Venezuela) The wealthy that remain will be forced to squander their liquid assets while trying to defend their personal liberties and excesses. Most of the people of means will relocate to failing, but better run economies in Europe, Asia, and South & middle Americas.

Choosing to re-elect President Trump is a safe choice and a better choice. Regardless of your position on the false litmus test issues of immigration, abortion, gender and sexual identification, and social assistance programs, the best route forward is to promote prosperity and security. Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Need” has never been more pertinent to our existence as a free people. Basic needs for security and life sustaining utilities for food, water, and warmth are at risk.

The ability to work and grow intellectually and to prosper from a growing economy is essential to our survival as a Nation. The survival of our County is the footing for the rest of the world.

The freedom that allows self-actualization and liberal thinking only comes after our basic needs are met and sustained. The education and welfare of a citizenry is dependent on a peaceful and productive society. The quality of life most of us desire, comes from the production goods and services. The system requires educated and motivated people of all disciplines and personalities to achieve a sustainable society of prospering and happy people.

A system of government is an essential part of our human survival. That being accepted, biological design and natural variations of physical and cognitive skills in humans, preempts the notion that all people are equal in their abilities and subsequent levels of success. What is equal, are the rights bestowed by God and promulgated by a just government. The Constitution of United States of America and our Bill of Rights, has proven to have provided the successful covenants free people needed to build our great country.

Our history is not perfect in its alignment with our stated values. The quest today should not be to change our values. We should strive toward self-improvement as individuals and governed communities. We have successful laws and courts of justice. The destructive modifiers are the agenda driven selfish people in positions of influence and power. That is why our electoral decisions are of such great importance. We must turn out in sufficient numbers to select the right path for our governance.

I choose to re-elect President Trump along with conservative Senators, Congressmen and women, and other elected officials. Look closely at what President Trump promotes under the banner of freedom and prosperity for all Americans. National and personal security is at the forefront, with economic development over-arching the conservative agenda. Education, welfare, and prosperity at any level, is un-achievable without security, safety, and economic opportunity.

May God Bless you, and God Bless America.


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