“The Missing Majority” – Where are the Democrats?

“The Missing Majority” – Where are the Democrats?

By Ron Autrey

September 11th, 2020

Over the past few months, many of us have been keystroking messages about our frustrations with the current socio-political catastrophes. The need to frequently express contempt for behavior and information that is overtly distorted by violence and ignorance, frequently exceeds my patience and ability to articulate effective written complaints. Today, the future of our Country is in the ballot box. We have an obligation to oppose the radical ideals of our mis-guided opponents, and to educate the rising generation of young Americans and lead them away from the disastrous anarchistic path set by those whose aim is to destroy this Country.

There are essential questions pertaining to the tenants of the Democratic and Republican political party positions. The Republican Party is generally transparent and consistently articulates the policy points and programs that make up the Trump Agenda. The Republicans have also been, by default, referring to anything counter to their efforts and aspirations, as the Democratic Party’s platform. Several new monikers and catchphrases are now used by new and reconstituted groups that attempt to define the nebulous tenants of a radical liberal political agenda.

The Cancel- Culture emanates from the indefensible ultra-liberal ideas and programs that defy explanation. The recitation of historical examples of the failures of the proposed liberal utopias is met with the vilest of retorts. Sufficed to say, they frequently begin with the utterance of a verb beginning with a capital “F” followed by the pronouns you, or them, or specifically Trump. This mantra is repeated nightly on television news as they cover the street gangs marching under an erroneous virtual banner of change-at-any-cost_ “No Justice No Peace, F-You, F-Trump”. The question remains as, change to what and by whom?

As I was mentally cataloging my thoughts for this article, a dear friend reached out to me to let me know that she was not a Trump supporter. I appreciated this polite honesty as gracious and generous. It touched my sense of fairness and added motivation and inspiration to answer the questions posed by this research. I was reminded that I am associated with many friends and associates that do not fully share my beliefs. I would be wrong to discard all opposing thought. I also do not wish to dictate or mandate narrow ideals that with some effort, could be mediated into a mutually acceptable bi-partisan direction for our Country.

While mutual acceptance is a worthy goal, the practical applications in our politically driven system of governance, requires that we periodically choose specific candidates for office. While the issues of proper governance do not always have to be simplified to a litmus test analogy, the process of voting and selecting a candidate and is binary and final. Our strong desire to support candidates with ideals and beliefs that are consistent with our values, and that adhere to time proven models of governance and policy, requires that we speak out with influence and publicly share our preferences.

Why is persuasive public pontification required of us as citizens in a world of endless knowledge and instant access to current events? The vast and diverse expanse of knowledge available to all of us, has allowed our educational systems and educators capacious latitude to consciously select agenda driven curricula that is modeled after their own personal beliefs, and not those of the historically and publicly supported teachings of history and civic governance. The redirection of our youth in the education process, is part of the change-at-any-cost agenda of a party of liberally thinking people.

To say that these liberal minded change agents and their followers are Democrats, is a convenient default position. This a misnomer, and the characterization of the mis-guided young white people carrying BLM signs and shouting meaningless chants, is an erroneous application of the title of Democrat. Moreover, the angry African American protestors were not originally proposing anything related to policies of the Democratic Party. Their frustration over police killing black Americans is understandable. However, the distortion of facts in the individual cases is exacerbated by the revolutionary rush to judgment mentality that is fueled by the instant social adjudication provided by cell phones and re-played video in biased newscasts.

The evolution of the “Defund the Police” movement was originally the product of a desire for immediate and demonstrative action. This street level mandate was not handed down by any leaders of political parties. It was an organic and spontaneous need to satisfy a desire for change at any cost. The movement was quickly taken up as a banner by Democratic Mayors of the most liberally run American cities. By that action, the “Defund the Police Movement” became a de facto part of the perceived policies of the National Democratic Party. The democratic candidates for office saw the short-term benefit of stealing the ownership of the mis-guided movement to gain voter capital and poll-influencing noise.

Regardless of its origin, the Defund Movement is generally not the policy of a reasonable and educated citizenry in any political party. The knee-jerk idea belongs to loosely aligned noise makers from BLM, ANTIFA, and other newly formed groups joining the chants. The decent people who have maintained a long-standing affiliation with the Democratic Party created by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, are not the proponents of the means and methods and twisted ideas of this new party of anarchists.

Today the Madison Democrats have become the new “Silent Majority”. While I empathetically offer my understanding of their current confusion, I am submitting my criticism of their forbearance of leadership. Why are they silently letting the anarchist and ultra-socialists claim the historically prominent party title? The absence of balanced dialog and presentation of a clear and electorally attractive democratic party platform is not the fault of the Republican party voices.

Democratic Party tolerance of the deafening noise of anarchy is not acceptable. The mum silence of the democratic party leadership on the violent acts of looting and murder in our city streets was an obvious miscalculation. Today the party is employing the blame tactic. First the violence was a myth and did not really exist, except in the alleged misrepresentations of conservative news channels. Now the polls have shifted, and the false and tardy criticism of violence by candidate Biden, is vague and unimpressive.

Democratic Party voices avoided specific criticism of the perpetrators of violent acts and looting filled marches. Celebrities, BLM leaders, and Freedom Funds, bailed out the looters and rioters. That is a strange inconsistency with the claim now made that they were instruments of Trump movement. The burning of buildings and destruction of historic monuments were tragically ignored along with the death of innocent people of all races and ages.

This inquiry is an attempt to understand why fair-minded democrats who represent more than forty percent of women, and over thirty-two percent of men in America, are standing by and letting this new age movement misrepresent your voice. In the absence of your criticism of the current state of affairs, am I to assume you have no answer? Is the system so devoid of leadership candidates, that you must silently settle for Vice President Biden and Senator Harris as the best of the best available?

The Democratic Party is not alone in the category of Anti-Trumpism. Republicans against President Trump’s reelection have found a home in the newly created Lincoln Project. Having aligned themselves with the questionable background of the society’s founder John Weaver, demonstrates the desperate nature of their quest to unseat President Trump.

The Lincoln Project publishes a mission and a set of values that looks appealing to most Americans wanting to protect the institutions that made America the great country it has become. The Lincoln Project’s error is the characterization of President Trump as abandoning the Constitution and his oath to uphold it. The President’s actions are well documented as he stands with time treasured American values and lessons learned from a lengthy list of patriots and hard-fought battles for American freedom. His policies and actions have created economic prosperity and worldwide acknowledgment of our Country’s prominence as the premier symbol of freedom.

The Lincoln Project regularly publishes short, two to three paragraph snippets and video advertisements, ostensibly touting the values and talents of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their program of beliefs. They more frequently do the same with criticisms of President Trump and any actions or directives he undertakes. The predominant message of anti-Trumpism is not an effective political platform. The American public is left with over-arching questions about what a Biden-Harris presidency really looks like. Will the unifying grandfatherly essence of Biden prevail over the radical left’s sociological and ecologically disastrous plans? More likely, the mix of the two will yield confounding confusion and turmoil at all levels of society and government.

A spreadsheet listing current and past Presidents, and members of both Houses of Congress, alongside corresponding columns of their indiscretions, venial acts, and mortal sins, would by necessity, be highly classified and pornographic. As biblically and undeniably demonstrated in the course of mankind’s evolution, “No Man is Without Sin”. As the stones fly in our daily discourse, it should be enough to know that no candidate is perfect. Pointing out one man and not the other is political dishonesty.

When I find myself engaged in verbal or written battle with people who dislike or profess to hate President Trump and all that he stands for, I simply ask, who is your candidate? What are the values you so strongly support or oppose? In most cases, I am presented with no substantial response. When reporters and peaceful observers ask the marching mobs of protesters the same questions, they are met with a string of obscenities and loud voices screaming mega-decibels of frustration with no discernable message. Reporters canvasing the streets and randomly interviewing young voters, reveal a disturbing lack of essential knowledge of our history and mechanisms of governance.

I believe Vice President Biden when he says the violence and protests will not end with the reelection of President Trump. The Trump haters have no safe haven to retreat to. The continued destruction of personal and commercial property along with the associated violence and death, will only more sharply define their failed mis-guided mission.

I also believe that if Biden is elected, the liberal protests may also continue. However, there will be an uprising of counter-protests, as conservatives block and oppose the liberal dismantling of our Great Nation. The other silent majority will rise up, but not with burning buildings or destroyed monuments. Their collective and coherent voices will be heard in every medium, and measured in every ballot box, until Congress and whoever is in the President’s office, takes up a role of preserving our Constitutional Rights, and strengthening our Country as the Greatest Nation on Earth.

United World Federalists that silently weave their strategy for a One World Order must come to see the futility of their efforts. The world is simply too diverse, too volatile, and too mislead and ill-informed to coalesce into a unified worldwide system of governance. Even with partial advances and subsets of success, the human nature of greed and hunger for unrestrained power will destroy their core mission of world-wide peace.

The United States is the world’s best hope for achieving world peace. Peace is the product of a just government with replicable, respectable ideals, and time proven forms of governance.

The United States has been, and must continue to be, a beacon of light for the rest of the world. We must remain at the pinnacle of economic success and represent to the world the blessings and benefits created by a free society. I have often said that the best way to define leadership, is to look closely at the results in absence of it.

I offer a public prayer with this plea, “My God of Many Faiths, forgive us of our sins. Show us the way and the light. Give our leaders wisdom, and our people inspired hope and salvation. We humbly bow to your blessings of freedom and prosperity for all……. Amen.


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