2020 Riots

Dear Friends,

I see the shallow retorts to the posts of mine and my friends. I see the debate on Fox and CNN. It is difficult to discern the truth and value of what we now hear day after day. So, lets keep score.

Don’t look back, this is a new game. How many people have been unjustly killed or hurt by police across our Nation in the last month? How many children and babies have been killed by senseless violence in progressively led Cities in the last week?

You won’t find the tallies of the dead on CNN. You will hear the name Trump used in every sentence of every broadcaster in every minute of each broadcast hour. Fox regretfully has to be provider of the obituaries of children in Chicago and New York City, and Portland, Seattle.

As for a Portland and Seattle they no longer exist. The cities are a spoil zone of lawlessness and political anarchy. The leaders in these cities along with Chicago, are actors in a scene from your worst concept of horror.

My liberal friends, though few and dropping in number, what is your plan? What do you hope for? Is a world without Trump so utopian to you that you allow this chaos and murderous anarchy?

The election in 99 days will re-elect President Trump. I am confident of that. However, the violence and unjust disruption will not end. The new pandemic will be named Incarceration. The misguided young people, and the ultra-activist educators, and financiers of anarchy, will find that justice is synonymous with incarceration.

The justice department of 2021 will perfect contact tracing, as they find and arrest the apex perpetrators of the misery we are now facing every night in the Socialist run cities. The judicial branch will be overrun with the case load of lost souls no longer needed in our renewed society of people who believe in and protect our well founded way of life.

Goodness and our founding Christian Faith will prevail over the Devil’s latest army of evil lost souls. I will pray for some of you tonight, that you might be saved. For others known and unknown, I will say goodbye; as you will perish in the eye and judgement of the Trinity of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

God save our Nation for the lives of our children and the unborn saviors of mankind.


Ron Autrey

 August 2nd, 2020


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