Blades of Destruction and a Song of Hope

From time to time, even as the battle rages on, the fiercest of Knights must remove the armor and cleanse the soft underbelly of his soul with renewing thoughts of hope and charity. Our vulnerability keeps us human and staves off the calcifying effects of hate and anger. Here is my attempt.

Blades of Destruction and a Song of Hope

By Ron Autrey, July 4th, 2020

The gentle winds of change lay stilled by coarse cutting blades of ignorance.

The bloody swath brings death to the Glory of all things past.

The plants of unnurtured seeds grow among the flowers and sweet grass in gardens once revered.

The youthful erect fingers of hate strike unhealable wounds,

While evil deeds of the ignorant kill over-bloomed flowers of prosperity.

This garden of life now grows a generation of prickly weeds,

With the scenes of remembered beauty buried below.

We will one day awaken from the dark dreams of destruction,

With visions of Resurrection as promised in books of the long dead.

Our blunt tilling plows turning the dirt of hate to fresh soil and stone,

Yielding a birthing bed for new hope.

Familiar roads and hills layered in failed millenniums will rise to be climbed yet again.

Right must then prevail over the wrongs gone past_

With new seeds fathered, well planted, not blindly cast.

Dark clouds must part for God’s heavenly light_

Forgiving past sins of untethered blindness.

Then flowers may again bloom about our feet,

In Emerson’s poetic grass, so fresh so sweet?

Rise up righteous farmers now lead and plant.

Turn under the evil in new furrowed rows.

Pray we become thankful for the creation of life,

And humbly seek the Light of Eternal

Abundance still promised by God………. Amen.


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