Gun Control

Here we go again. “Ban the guns and magazines”.


Deaths at the hands of deranged shooters is tragic. The media is quick to shape the narrative. Lately they have been wrong right up front. White Supremacist, Asian Prejudice hate crimes, all lies, all wrong


Thirty people were shot in Chicago last week, but no media narrative. Most if not all were “low capacity handguns” Deadly none the less in the hands of fractured minds.


Pencils don’t cause bad grades; Spoons didn’t make people fat. Politicians can’t make laws that replace the teaching of responsibility and character in our homes. Moms and Dads make kids and instill values_ some good some bad.


Yes, on background checks and waiting periods for some types of weapons. My Dad gave me my first 410 ga. shotgun gun at age nine. He also taught me how to use it safely. We didn’t need a background check or a 700-page congressional bill.


President Biden! Be careful with your executive orders. Violating Constitutional Rights is good grounds for impeachment. There are 72-million-gun owners in America with nearly 400 million guns. If guns were the problem, you would know it!


Ron Autrey

March 23rd, 2020



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