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Navy Officials Reprimanded For Fuel Contamination Of Hawaii Drinking Water

Posted 07/20/2022 in Water Research,

News Feature | July 12, 2022

Navy Officials Reprimanded For Fuel Contamination Of Hawaii Drinking Water

By Peter Chawaga

An investigation into severe drinking water contamination at one of the world’s most pristine locations has found that failures in on-site military conduct were to blame.

“Navy officials’ lack of on-scene leadership in the days following a fuel ...

Critical Western Source Water Body Hits Scary New Low

Posted 07/14/2022 in Water Research,

Critical Western Source Water Body Hits Scary New Low

By Peter Chawaga

As historic drought grows throughout the American West, a critical source water body has now reached a shocking low.

“Water levels in Lake Mead are continuing to deplete to dangerous levels — so much so that the reservoir could soon hit ‘dead pool’ levels,” ABC News reported. “The minimum ...

OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker - Crystal

Posted 07/14/2022 in OCEARCH,

Posted: July 12, 2022 at 7:57pm via Facebook Crystal has made her way to the Bay of Fundy! She pinged in last night near Saint John, New Brunswick. We met this 10ft and 460lbs female white shark this March off North Carolina. You can track Crystal’s movements on the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker: Photo Credit: Chris Ross ...

2022 Expedition Atlantic Canada

Posted 07/11/2022 in OCEARCH,

  EXPEDITION ATLANTIC CANADA July 22 - August 12, 2022 Want to Join Us?  EXPEDITION BRIEF OCEARCH is bringing unprecedented white shark research back to Atlantic Canada for our 44th Ocean Research Expedition! Alongside 45 collaborators from 30 research organizations, Expedition Atlantic Canada will collect data for 25 different research projects and help increase the sample size...


Posted 07/10/2022 in Authentic Autrey,

The first pages from my new book titled "Imagination"; a journey through the power of your mind...

Chapter 1

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump. Thump, okay I’m awake! What is that awful taste? My mouth feels like a sewer. God help me if she’s smoking again.

It’s so hard to wake up after an “Oh one more chardonnay won’t hurt evening” How much ...

Get to Work

Posted 07/08/2022 in Political,


We Need to Bridge the Divide
in Our Great Nation, and
We Need to Get to Work Now!

By: E.P. Unum
July 4, 2022

Yes, July 4th is a time for celebration. It is also a time for giving thanks. On that day, the 246th birthday of our nation, for as long as I can remember, I think of the words of the poet,...

The Power of Prejudice

Posted 07/07/2022 in Political,

The Power of Prejudice

By: Jim Aziere

Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

Author of The Sixteenth Street Chronicles, Where Violence Met Character


We now wake up each morning and find our country in a stricken world deeply affected by the policies of billionaires who use their money for selfish empowerment to assert their beliefs on the masses. They have trampled our ...

Summer Thoughts

Posted 07/03/2022 in Authentic Autrey,

Summer Thoughts

Heat from the sun like a furnace to my thoughts,
Brings nothing pleasant shared from my lips
Parched with no music in my voice.

Come hither fall leaves and gentle cool breezes,
I’ll welcome you with rhyme and legions of verse.
Sea waves rolling in early morning light
Bring love and beauty each day,
and into the night.

American Greatness

Posted 07/03/2022 in Opinions, Political, Victor Davis Hanson,

America Is More Fragile

Than the Left Understands

Like a stunned adolescent whose reckless incompetence totaled the family car,

The Left seems shocked that

America proved so fragile after all.


"There is a great deal of ruin in a nation." — Adam Smith


By: Victor Davis Hanson

American Greatness

June 26, 2022


The ...

Where Oh Where to be Outraged?

Posted 07/01/2022 in Political,

Where Oh Where to be Outraged?

By: Bill Schoettler

June 29, 2022

OUTRAGE; an extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation.

I am outraged! But at what? Well, that’s a good question because, as I see it, there are multiple areas where I can focus my extremely strong reaction of anger.

Let’s take the most recent hoorah over the disappearance of Roe v....


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