Month: June 2021

Just Some Things I Think About

Posted 06/30/2021 in Miscellaneous,

Our Great Country is in a state of siege by ignorant leftist anarchist. Their policies and actions are destroying America as we knew it. Their narrative is built to say that these actions are for the best. Somehow complete equity among the people is the utopian dream for the Democratic Party. From now forward, the hospital floor sweepers will be no less compensated than the physicians in the ...

In Remembrance of Fran Kinne

Posted 06/27/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

"Let There Be Light" An amazing woman shaped the future of so many men and women. She changed the world with her smile and engagement with the world. Her reach is beyond measure. There has never been and will never be another Fran Kinne. I speak for thousands when I say we love you and thank you for touching our lives.

Ron Autrey

June 27th, 2021

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Eeyore’s Cabinet: Living in Our Kingdom of Lies

Posted 06/06/2021 in Victor Davis Hanson,

Eeyore’s Cabinet: Living in Our Kingdom of Lies

Part Two

By: Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson // Private Papers June 6, 2021

There were a few more lies we lived with in our Kingdom of Untruth.

The Satanic Andrew Cuomo Deification Over last summer and early fall 2020, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo reached mythic media proportions. His ingratitude was ...

Long-Range Strategic Planning and The Green Movement

Posted 06/06/2021 in Miscellaneous,

I urge you to take the time to read this analysis. You will be more informed by the effort. Ron Autrey LONG-RANGE STRATEGIC PLANNING AND THE GREEN MOVEMENT By: Marvin L. Covault, Lt. Gen. US Army, retired June 6, 2021 The ability to conduct long-range strategic planning is a critical component for the success of any large organization. The US government is a large, very large, ...
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Biden's Failing Agenda

Posted 06/02/2021 in Authentic Autrey,

A Message from Ron Autrey

Autrey Research

June 2nd, 2021

Our President is incompetent, demented, and dangerous. His VP replacement is equally below the historical standards for filling the role of the Leader of the Free World. The damage P. Biden is imposing on the world is escalating to the point of self destruction of the American Constitutional Republic we have enjoyed ...


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