Month: January 2021


Will P. Biden heal the soul of America? I don’t believe he can.

Posted 01/20/2021 in Political,

I found this to share,

"The restoration of the soul of America will not come from Washington, or even in our statehouses. It will not be a top-down approach; the top is too irrevocably corrupt. It will come from where it always comes from, the bottom, the grassroots, the true heart and soul of our nation, in our kitchens and living rooms, in our neighborhoods and schools, in our families...

The hypocrisy of the left is raging!

Posted 01/07/2021 in Political,

I do not know who the author of this piece is, but I wish that I had written it.

Remember in 2011 when tens of thousands of Democrats surged on the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison and physically occupied it for more than two weeks? We were told, "This is what democracy looks like."

Remember in 2016 when Obama was President and hundreds of BLM blocked interstate highways ...



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