Month: August 2020

Sometimes I Wonder

Posted 08/20/2020 in Miscellaneous,


BY: Hal Morris

August 8, 2020


Have you ever wondered why a voter would be attracted to Joe Biden? I did. When you look at his background and accomplishments to date, nothing stands out. If anything emerges, it is his failure to accomplish anything of significance. The one achievement touted is the Biden/ Hatch Crime bill he co-sponsored, which he ...

Kamala Harris Essay

Posted 08/14/2020 in Miscellaneous,

Bill Shuey has a unique writing style which allows him to act as an observer of the action that is taking place. He describes what he sees without the use of profanity or explicit sexual descriptions. To date Bill Shuey has written a total of 18 books, the last two will be published in late 2020. Bill is a member of the Western Writers’ Association.

Kamala Harris Emhoff is Joseph ...

Ron Autrey selfie at a stream

2020 Riots

Posted 08/02/2020 in Authentic Autrey,

Dear Friends,

I see the shallow retorts to the posts of mine and my friends. I see the debate on Fox and CNN. It is difficult to discern the truth and value of what we now hear day after day. So, lets keep score.

Don’t look back, this is a new game. How many people have been unjustly killed or hurt by police across our Nation in the last month? How many children and babies have ...


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